Make it Awesome

Hi again.
I haven’t returned to the New School of Colour, and not likely to any time soon. I mean, I am in the process of moving. Not only that, but my 2 month old keeps me pretty busy. Also, my knees aren’t in very good shape lately, and I don’t have a bus pass. One more thing, the art sessions run in the evening, 5-9pm. How many mother’s do you see walking around the east end of London after 9pm with thier babies? You don’t. If it’s just me, that’s one thing. But with my baby? No. That wouldn’t be very safe considering that’s when the drunks, addicts, hookers and criminals come out. Yeah, the New School of Colour did a good job regarding eachothers safety. Walking eachother home or to the bus stop. But still, no.
I don’t even have much time to paint at home. Set up, paint, and clean up. All together it can be time consuming.
I do think about the artists there. I do miss them, and hope they are all doing well.
Maybe when my daughter gets a little older, I’ll have time to squeeze some art into my schedule. But for now, Mommy follows her lead and her needs.
As for moving into the new place, even if it is kind of small. I think my partner and I will make it work. We can be happy there. Just got to stay positive and make it awesome.
We’ve been talking about our future, and it sounds like I will have to get my drivers license one day. I mean, we hope to move to the outskirts of London. Even though we both considered moving to Oshawa someday, but that would mean starting over completely on both our ends. At least here my man is getting a positive reputation for his work, and I have a reputation here that I’ve been building since 2011 as an artist. Moving to another city would mean building our names all over again. Plus, with my man’s job, he can get promoted over time. His job already has it’s perks, such as the business truck. Say we were to move out of London, he wouldn’t have a vehicle, a job, or anything he’s worked hard for here in London. Plus there’s my other two children, and not wanting to abandon them, even though my ex says he’ll follow.
The reason we thought of leaving London is because our greatest support towards our family is out of town. It would make sense to live close to your strongest supports, but there’s more pros than cons to stay.
For a bit there, while my man was depressed it sounded like he lost all hope of getting a house period. Like it would be impossible. But I’m still optimistic. I have a huge tendency to be a dreamer. I mean, being an artist and a writer is a dream, and that’s what I am. I may not make much income, but that’s for me to figure out how to do so. How can I do what I love to do, and live comfortably? It’s going to take a lot of work. Some creativity, and innovation. Trying to make money by donations on this blog is my first attempt. I know its going to take some trial and error, but if this doesn’t pan out, I will find something else art and writing related that will.
So yes, I am feeling more hopeful these days. Maybe my head is in the clouds. Maybe it isn’t. But you will never know if something will work out of you don’t try. So yeah.
What else? This weekend we went to Nuit Blanche. Rain or shine, don’t matter. Like many other Londoners, we toughed out the rainy weather and went anyways. That’s determination and devotion right there. Haha! London, Ontario loves its art. We had a good time.
Also, this weekend my eldest daughter helped me make shepherds pie. That was awesome. I think we turned regular housework into a positive memory. My daughter got to peel potatoes, cut potatoes into cubes, and chop up some onions. It was her first time chopping up an onion, and that was kind of funny. She learned that onions burn your eyes and makes you cry. Lol
I was surprised she volunteered to help me out, but I am grateful.
Anyways, that’s enough for today. I need to make myself a coffee or tea. I’m feeling tired today.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to donate if you can. Keep me doing what I do.  ( Donation link is in the side bar) Peace and Love – Pooks

“You can do the impossible, because you have been through the unthinkable.”
– Christina Rasmussen



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