Mama Bear

Well obviously I get angry or upset about my man drinking because I care. The flat out truth, I love him and don’t want to lose him.
I think what could cause that, well obviously the history of my biological family. As I said, many have died due to alcohol in one form or another, or thier families were torn apart by it. But then there’s my biological mother. Look how I lost her. At a bar in Winnipeg, she got into a bar fight with my father’s new girlfriend and lost tragically. She was stabbed numerous times to death.
And when it comes to my man and drinking, I just don’t want him to end up the same. Wither it’s getting into a fight with the wrong person, D.U.I, or Domestic violence due to intoxication. Even though he has an amazing amount of patience with me. He even refuses to raise his voice. 💖
So yeah, my anger is basically an expression of love. I worry for his sake and well-being, for our families sake and well-being. He’s family to me. And since my biological family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, sister and brother) are way up north, and my foster family isn’t really what I’d call a family. I basically disowned myself from them. They made shitty ass supports, and I’m not going to keep people around that don’t want to see me happy. Here, my man and my children are my family. To me, that means a lot.
Anyways, my man missed a day of work. First he slept in and was late, due to his hang over. And he texted me stating that maybe he should ask his boss to have the day off. He felt like shit. So yeah, I agreed. He shouldn’t be working hungover. It’s not safe, especially in his line of work. His job is dangerous as is. Heck, not that long ago there was an accident on site. Luckily my man was there to help. A worker fell on copper wire, and they went right through his side. They probably just missed his lung. So yeah, since my man is a Site Supervisor, he needs to know all trades. And some are more dangerous than others, so better off to be fully aware, then not consciously all there.
He slept most of his day off, to sleep off the hang-over. But after, he was back to being his active self. So yeah, he’s been back to work yesterday and today.
I guess the homeowner offered him alcohol again, and this time he declined. He told them he got shit for it last time. Haha! Damn rights he did. The moment I noticed him staggering, mama bear sent him straight bed! 😛
Anyways, yesterday I managed to get more boxes for our move. It’s overwhelming looking at all the stuff that needs to be packed, but we’ll get it done.
Sure our new place will be small. But it has its perks. Even though the bedrooms are small, the bathroom and livingroom are big. I mean, the bathroom even has a jacuzzi tub, and a shower. Both are separate. The livingroom is right beside the kitchen, unlike my current home, the kitchen is at the other end of the house. We get a dishwasher in this new place. That will come in handy. What else? The backyard is basically a big deck. Which will be good for barbecues. The dogs can still go out there. We just need to clean up after them. However, there are some spots that need to be blocked in order for them not to run off. Luckily my man is a Carpenter and knows how to do that sort of thing. We’ll live closer to downtown. So when we want to go to summer festivals, we can just walk there.
It’s small and cozy. It will work for a family of 3. Might get tight on the weekends when my other 2 children visit. We’ll have to figure out where they can sleep. But we’ll make it work.
Just got to keep in mind that this new place is a temporary stepping stone.
Anyways, I finally got my baby daughters birth registered. Along with other things. I registered for her SIN number, birth certificate, and for child benefit services. Took me long enough. The paperwork I got from the hospital after her birth went M.I.A. So I had to find out how to do it online. But yeah, now my daughter exists on Governmental records.
Other than that, I think getting my knees checked can wait until my daughter is more mobile and I’m not carrying her everywhere. Simple tasks that have to do with a baby would get difficult with crutches. So it can wait. I’m not in pain, just discomfort. And it’s more my left knee ( the one that had surgery on in the past) than the right.
So yeah, not yet. Unless it gets worse and I have no choice.
Other than that, just been keeping to myself at home. Spending one on one time with my baby.
We visited Oma ( my man’s grandmother) last weekend, and she believes our daughter is very intelligent. Just by the way our daughter was observing her surroundings.  She was aware she was in a different environment, and was trying to check everything out. Looking back and forth constantly. Lol It was cute.
Maybe she is. I don’t know. I just know she’s a very happy baby that likes Beethoven and Mozart over Bach. She likes the sound of a piano. She tries to talk. Her babbles are cute. And she’s strong. She tries to sit up on her own. I also know she’s a crazy sleeper like her father. Lol Just moves all over the place. It’s a good thing she’s in her crib now, more space for her to move than her bassinet. Which she out grew quite quickly. She’s not a water baby, she hates bath time. She’ll scream from the top of her lungs like it’s the end of the world. Lol She’s a funny baby. I think she does something every day that makes me laugh. So yeah, I feel fortunate to be able to spend time with her at home. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it. I know some people refer to the first couple years as the “crap years”, but they really are quite magical. So much happens in that short amount of time.
Anyways, things are good for the most part. Yeah we have our ups and downs. But that’s life. It’s not perfect. But maybe that’s what keeps it interesting. A perfect life would get boring. There would be nothing new to learn or explore.
Well that’s enough for today. Hope you enjoyed, and if you can, Donate! Keep my internet connected, and keep me doing what I love, writing for all you fabulous peeps. If you’re on the computer the Donate link should be to your left in the side bar. If you’re on a mobile device, scroll down to the green capitalized lettered words: DONATE TO POOKS.
Anyways, once again, thank you for reading. And I’ll write again soon. 😉 Peace and Love – Pooks.



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