Hi again.
Today I’ve been cleaning, packing, & sorting things I’m going to sell. It was hard for me to admit, or swallow, but when it comes to clothes, there’s no point hoarding clothes that I can only hope to fit again. In reality, I just gave birth to an almost 11 lbs baby 2 months ago. So I got quite a bit of extra weight to shed. It’s going to take some time to lose. So yeah, I am not keeping clothes that don’t fit. It’s just holding onto something that makes me insecure about my own body image. That’s no good. Plus, I can always slowly rebuild my wardrobe if I do happen to lose weight. Point is, I’m not going to let it stress me out.
By selling them, hopefully, that will help out a little bit for times ahead when our financial situation gets tight.
Anyways, I noticed a friend is having a mental breakdown all over social media. Ahem, was a friend. Doesn’t really sound like it now. I know her novel of a statuses are directed at me.
Sorry, but I’m not going to put aside my life and responsibilities just because you have a problem. Not to mention it’s drama she created herself.
She basically broke up with her fiance of 5 years for a crush. She’s always doing this lame love triangle shit. So excuse me for saying that she brought it on herself. Supposedly she says they came to an equal agreement, because she doesn’t want to be a burden financially on him. She’s in school bettering her situation for crying out loud. They could make it work. But no no no. Let’s create drama instead.
I guess she expected her ex-fiance to be fine with being just being friends, but he has been distant. Boo hoo! What does she expect??
I don’t blame him. He’s probably fed up with the yo-yo relationship. How many engagement rings did he buy for her that she would just pawn off eventually??
Yeah, he was her best support, he even went to couples councilling for her, and yeah, just because her hormones go out of whack for someone else, she dumps him. Then she’s this huge drama queen going on about how she misses him.
Not only that, but she’s so negative, bitter, and resentful, she takes it out on her friends. Saying they’re not there for her and shit.
Well I learned long ago to keep my mouth shut, and to stay the fuck out of it. Apparently she’s going to be pissy about that too. So yeah, damned if you do, damned if you don’t with that one. I don’t need to put up with that shit.
It’s not like how it used to be. I have a baby to take care of now. Im a fulltime parent again. My baby is the priority. I can’t go out for walks til 4am anymore. Heck, I can’t even go to the New School of Colour due to the time they have thier sessions, and yeah, my baby keeps me busy. I don’t even have the time to paint at home. That’s life. My baby comes first.
If you ask me, she’s being selfish for expecting others to drop whatever at her expense. Just because she has a problem. We all have problems. Join the club!
Heck! I’m trying to focus on moving my family out of a house that has asbestos! So I’m packing and going through my things trying to figure out what to keep, and what to get rid of (since we need to downsize). I am also trying my best to get chores done at home while my man is at work, AND take care of our teething baby. Caring for a teething baby is like working over time for parents. Not to mention self care. I’ve been trying to take it easier on my knees since I noticed they’ve been swelling. So yeah, I got my own shit to worry about, then the nonsense she creates for herself. Maybe it’s time to grow the fuck up!
So yeah, that’s what is on my mind. I unfriended her on FB, Unfollowed her in Twitter… I really don’t need her b.s getting into my head. In the end, it’s not my problem. It’s hers to deal with. So she can stop trying to make her friends feel guilty for it.
Yeah, she wants a listening ear, or  someone to understand. But I don’t understand her situation, and don’t relate. So how can you expect me to help? I have nothing to say, besides what I have in this blog. I think it’s stupid.
Oh yeah, she says people are only her friends if she’s living the way they want her to. Excuse me? I don’t believe it was me that decided she should go to school. That was her choice. Yeah, I tried to encourage her decision, and when she started to sleep and miss school. I basically just shared from my own experience. Miss enough days, and that can effect your final grade. Attendance counts. Heck, that was the mistake I made. So I should know. THAT I can relate to.
Anyways, whatever. Doesn’t matter now. I unfriended all that goobilly-gock. I’m just going to keep trekking forward. Not a damn thing will hold me back.
Friends come and go. And maybe it’s time I find other parents to associate with. At least they will get it. Ya know? -Pooks



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