Natural and Spontaneous

Today we had an appointment at OW. To see if we would be eligible for any financial assistance in July, since my partner does work. We might be able to get some support. A top up so to speak, to keep things afloat. And since my partners job doesn’t come with any medical coverage, OW might be able to help out with that. We won’t know for sure until July. However, it’s still pretty cool that my worker is going to look into it.
Other than that, I got an email from First Nation Housing Co-Op saying that according to the by law, I had to give a 60 day notice in order to move. So the board of directors need to have a meeting wither to approve or disapprove our move. That sounds pretty rediculous, considering the major reason behind wanting to get out as soon as possible is ASBESTOS!! Which is linked to some serious health risks if exposed to and inhaling asbestos, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. Exposure can overall lead to death.
According to the law and regulations, a landlord is to give the tenant a hand-written notice regarding the asbestos before allowing a tenant to move in. I was not given this warning, and would have never known had not my partner pointed it out. He was a framer, building homes, and now has moved up as a Site Supervisor. It’s his job to know these things.
Anyways, the law and regulations also state that a tenant doesn’t need to pay rent if they had not been forwarned about the asbestos.
If the co-op is going to try to force my family to stay, I swear, I will contact the health unit, and let them do an inspection and a write up.
I’ve been here for 5 years. The thought that my health has been put at risk that entire time scares me, especially when I think of my other 2 children who visit on weekends, and thinking of how they used to play hide n seek in the basement. The asbestos is in the basement.
Thank my OW worker for providing us with some phone numbers in case we run into any issues regarding the co-op and the asbestos. Such as, not allowing us to move out as soon as possible.
Perhaps the Manager of the Cooperative Housing Operations, of the First Nations Housing Co-Op, doesn’t realize how serious of an issue asbestos really is. She’s always the one giving me problems. One of those, “do everything by the book” kind of people. Very anal.
So yeah, you can imagine my reaction when I got an email from her stating that I got to give a 60 day notice, and that her and the board of directors have to have a meeting about it.
Ha!! That’s what they said when I requested to have the small brick wall in the driveway removed so that my partner doesn’t get anymore parking tickets for either parking on the street, or his truck blocking the sidewalk. If that stupid little wall was removed from the driveway, his truck wouldn’t block the sidewalk. Did the board of directors ever get back to me regarding that issue after their supposed meeting? No. So how can I be for certain that they will discuss the asbestos in my home, and my moving?  I can’t.
So regardless what they say, I am getting my baby, and my family out of this home. We already have a place lined up for July. My man just needs to make one more payment to the landlord.
Other than that, I did apply for Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services, and they did say that they do rent homes on the outskirts of London. So that is also an option if and when something comes available. That is, if a home becomes available before we buy our own house. We plan to only live at our next address for a year or two. However long we need to save up for the next step.
What else? Packing has come to a halt. For me at least. With a teething baby, I tend to be too busy. Lately my baby has been very cuddley, or cranky. It’s either one or the other. So yeah, busy busy.
What else? In case this OW thing doesn’t pan out. The top up thing. I have been looking up ways to make an income at home. I even signed up for this thing where I could possibly make an income advertising on my blog. We’ll see. I’m still looking into things. Doing research, trying to make sure I don’t run into a scam or anything.
When my partner and I talk about me getting a job in the future to help keep things afloat, the plan is that he will pay the bills and what not, and what I earn will be used for extras, recreational things, luxuries,  and entertainment. Sounds fair. Just hopefully by then, I will have better luck getting employment than I have in the past.
If my debt is paid off by then to the NSLSC, maybe I’ll consider giving a post secondary education a third chance. Supposedly that would give me better options of employment. Plus I know Western does have a daycare that I could possibly get my baby into when she’s older.
I never really thought about getting a drivers license before, but my man is helping me see how that could benefit our family. Especially if we moved to the outskirts of London one day.
So yeah, actually thinking about employment and other life choices a little more seriously these days. Especially if I want my partner to know and feel like I’m by his side, and willing to do my part. You know? We’re a team, and in order to be equal 50/50, I too have to pitch in.
I guess you can say I’m growing. I want what’s best for us and our family. That includes my other 2 children.
So yeah, when my baby is off to daycare or school, it’ll be time for mom to find a way to contribute to society. That is, if I don’t find a way before then. I am currently looking for ways to work from home.
So yeah, lots to think about. Lots to do. But I don’t want to think too far ahead. I still want to enjoy the present. Enjoy the little things along the way.
But yeah, my life is changing, there is no doubt about that.
Hope you enjoyed reading! Much love and peace – Pooks

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like” – Lao Tzu


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