Fresh Start

Things are better. Perhaps I just have too much time to think.
So today I focused on packing, and getting some chores done on my free time.
Anyways, I know in the last blog I said that my partner and I are incompatible. That’s one of those things that I say that isn’t necessarily true. We have a lot in common. We both love nature, blues, rock, dragons, the colour blue, movies, etc. We even share the same dream of owning a house outside of London. Or in a small town outside of London. I guess you can say we’re both tired of the city life, and are ready for something else. But like all couples, we bicker. We both drive eachother nuts from time to time.
Luckily, if we get accepted into this townhouse for July 1st, it has a basement. So that can be turned into my man’s man cave, and whenever we bicker I can just send him to his man cave Lol. Better than kicking him out, locking him out, or whatever…just because I’m temporarily upset. Perhaps what we need sometimes is space. And in our current place, we don’t have that.
After he came home from work today, he reassured me that he will never cheat, he’s here to stay, and I’m the one he loves. He’s not interested in anybody else. I think I needed to hear that, even though he says it alot. But after the strip club thing, yeah, I needed that. He says that’s normal for construction workers. Alcohol and strip clubs. I highly doubt all construction workers are like that, but whatever.
Anyways, my daughter isn’t coming over this weekend. She will be going to the beach with her dad, and I am okay with that. It will give my partner and I time to pack.
My man was planning on taking us to this event at the Fanshawe Conservation area, something to do with farming. It sounded cool. But yeah, since my eldest daughter won’t be visiting, a weekend of packing it is!
It is the Father’s Day weekend anyways, so yeah. She should be with her dad.
I’m not sure what to get my partner for Fathers Day, since it is his first. So yeah, something from me and his baby. I just don’t know what.
Which reminds me, the whole wanting another baby thing. We struggle financially as is. Supporting our baby, my eldest daughter on weekends, and 3 dogs. So yeah, we would be struggling even more if we were to add another baby. Plus, I would rather wait a couple of years before having another. But then again, in couple years I should be getting a job or going to school. If I get pregnant, that’s another 2 year wait until I can get myself back in the field so to speak. Meaning that’s another 2 years of my man busting his ass to support us all.
I don’t really think he’s thought it through. Yeah, he would like a son too. But in reality, another baby may just have to wait.
Anyways, I like how my man put it, with this new place being a fresh start for us. And we both can decide how we want to arrange things. It’s not one or the other moving in, this is together.
I haven’t gotten a chance to view the townhouse, but my partner did. He said I’ll like it because it’s close to Victoria Park. In other words, close to the summer festivals that I enjoy going to. Plus, 3 floors is betters that one. However we will have to pay for parking. That sounds a bit silly. I can understand visitors paying for parking, but tenants have to pay parking to thier own homes? Hmm… Sounds a bit odd to me.
Anyways, today was a much better day. I enjoyed spending the day with my baby daughter. She is becoming more expressive lately. Her baby babbles have more emotion to it, from happy to grumpy. It’s all cute. She may not be talking yet, but she’s figuring out how to express herself and communicate somewhat. Such a smart little girl.
Anyways, it’s getting late. I’m probably just going to throw on a movie and doze off to sleep. Hope you enjoyed!
And yes, when it comes to my man and our relationship, I’m going to tough it out. I know I kept running into him over the years for a reason. Ya know? He’s a part of my life for a reason. And wither he likes it or not, he’s a big part of my story.

Good night! Peace and Love! – Pooks

“What lies ahead is far greater than what we have left behind.”
– Lailah Gifty Akita



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