Greater Than

So I guess my man’s boss is power-tripping since the whole getting busted for the strip club thing. Yes, his wife did find out.
Anyways, he let’s my partner use his company truck. It never bothered him before if my partner used it for personal use. As long as he paid for his own gas, and took care of the vehicle, which he has. But now, my man’s boss is asking my man for the amount of km’s that has been used lately. Funny how this is suddenly an issue.
Besides, it’s not my partner he’s bitter at, it’s me. He’s just taking it out on my partner. It’s not his fault his boss takes his wife and kids for granted for bimbos at a  strip club. Matter of fact, my partner should get more respect considering that he was the one that was sent to talk to his bosses wife, since his boss can’t explain himself. My man saved his  marriage. Not only that, but he busts his ass to save his boss money by working harder than he has to. So nyeh! 😝
Plus, is it really wise to step on a writers toes so to speak? I wouldn’t think so, considering a writers opinion can reach the public, and we all know how organizations rely on thier reputations. Plus a writer creates permanence. Writers write what becomes a part of history. So yeah, needless to say. I am aware of what I am capable of. Just saying .
But whatever, if this guy is going to be a bitch about his truck, then we’ll just start saving up for our own. Fuck his truck. What’s the point of letting my partner take it home, if he can’t use it for anything else? Might as well just leave it on the job site.
Anyways, these barriers are getting annoying. Because now we can’t use the truck to move. But that hurdle we can be easily jumped by paying for a Uhaul. Even though financially things are going to get tight once we move into the new place. The first little while might be rough.
As for First Nations Housing Co-Op, even though they say we can’t leave without a 60 day notice, WE’RE LEAVING!! You cannot force me or my family to stay in a home with asbestos. If we’re given any problems, I have numbers to call regarding  legal rights as a tenant. Technically I don’t have to pay rent, since they didn’t give me any notice that I was moving into a home with asbestos 5 years ago. If you really think about it, I shouldn’t have been paying rent the entire time. So if they really want to get technical, they owe OW 4 years worth of rent; approximately $7000. And a years worth of rent to NNEC. Since rent went down while I was in school, that would come to about $900.
So yeah, when it comes time to move, within the next couple of weeks, I’m outski!!
Other than that, enjoyed the Father’s Day weekend with my man and baby. My eldest daughter didn’t visit this weekend. Rightfully so, being that it was the Father’s Day weekend, she should be with her father.
Anyways, my man, baby and I went to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village for the “Day on the Farm” event. We had fun, learning about some of London, Ontario’s history and clowning around.
However, no more family trips, not until we get a vehicle of our own.


We were planning to go camping next year, but yeah. That’s going to be postponed until we have a vehicle of our own, same with buying a house.
And no visits to family around Oshawa any time soon, let alone my family way up north.
Anyways, camping. My man wants to rent a canoe. That would be fun.
Speaking of camping, the idea of camping has changed so much since I was a kid. Over the weekend we toured the camp sites and there were trailers and RV’s everywhere. No tents. If you ask me, this whole trailer and RV “camping” thing is the pussy fart version of camping. You might as well stay in a hotel. Seriously, they were all cluttered together. It looked like a city of trailers. Yet, I thought that was the purpose of camping, to get away from civilization, not mimic or bring it with you in the bush. So yeah, I am kind of disappointed at peoples idea of camping these days. Ya know? Maybe the experience would be more appreciated if you’re building your own shelter and fire. Even if the tent leaks, and you can feel the lumpy ground beneathe you as you sleep. Or bugs. Mosquitoes getting into the tent. Maybe it’s those little annoyances that make camping what it is. More worth while. An RV or trailer is like a house on wheels. It’s not the same thing. Matter of fact, it’s the lazy way of camping.
Anyways, enough about that. Today I am staying indoors due to the heat. I got my baby, myself, and the dogs quarantined in the livingroom. Trying to keep cool air circulating in one room is  easier than doing so for the entire house.
I really hope it rains soon.
Thanks for reading! Until next time, peace and love! – Pooks

“The potential within you is greater than the obstacles around you.”
– Matshona Dhliwayo



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