Curve Ball

It’s been an interesting day to say the least.
What started out as another regular day took an unexpected turn after receiving a voice mail message from C.A.S in the morning. So I called the worker back, and she said she had court documents that she wanted to drop off to me, and that I should text the father.
Anyways, I thought about my baby, partner and I. Our C.A.S file was closed shortly after we returned home after our baby’s birth. So it couldn’t be in regards of us. So that leaves my ex, and my 2 eldest children. Sure enough, after receiving the documents and reading them, it’s about them. And now I have been summoned to go to court tomorrow morning.
Basically C.A.S want a court order to have my ex under C.A.S supervision for 6 months due to numerous safety concerns.
I knew C.A.S was going to get involved at some point when it comes to my ex and the elementary schools. I mean, my daughter constantly late for school. My son being pulled out of school to be home schooled, which isn’t happening. So yeah, now my son is more behind than he was.
But I can’t be blamed for any of this, because technically, my ex is bringing all this upon himself. Rather than letting the school help our children, he takes them and runs/ hides. He thinks the schools are out to get him or something.
I tried to text my ex, trying to explain how serious this is, he could lose custody of our children. But I don’t think I got through to him. He firmly believes there is a gang of teachers against him out of spite.
So yeah, if he continues to behave the way he has been, he will lose our children. Hense, why I am going to court, so at least one of us is willing to be there for the sake of our kids future. I don’t want them to end up in foster care. I’m still right here!
If he fails to cooperate with the Children’s Aid Society, or continues to behave the way he has been, than my man and I have no other choice but to stand up so to speak. We will care for my eldest children if need be.
I’d go more into detail, but I have court to attend in the morning. Basically C.A.S is concerned for numerous reasons. Hygiene, cleanliness, neglect, my exes mental health ( paranoia), etc.
I know he has had issues with the schools, both St. Francis and Wilfred Jury. I’ve mentioned it numerous times within my other blog domain; Pooks82 Online Blog.

Anyways, I will see how it goes tomorrow at court. Unfortunately my lawyer won’t be there, as he will be in St. Thomas dealing with another case. So he asked me to try to stick around until he returns to London, around 11:30am. I’ll try, but I will have my baby with me, meaning my time there depends on her. However, this case is scheduled for 10am, possibly sooner.
Other than that, my man and I viewed another townhouse today, and my man likes it better than the one he viewed not that long ago. It’s bigger, and in a better location. So hopefully we get it. That means we will have to get our money back from the last place we looked at. My man already put in a deposit on that. So hopefully he can get it back.
If we get this bigger unit, we won’t be moving in until August. Meaning we’ll have more time to put money away and save up as much as we can.
The lady/ landlord that showed us the place seemed to have liked us. So I’m really hoping we get the place. It would be a step up for us. Moving from EOA to NW London. Plus, it’s closer to where my man works. So less money will be spent on gas when it comes to my partner getting to and from work.
If it ever comes down to that point where my man and I become the caregivers of my 2 eldest children, with this new place we’ll have the space.
Got to think of these things and be prepared, just in case.
Anyways, I better go to bed and get some sleep. It’s going to be an early morning, and a long day tomorrow.
Thank you for reading! Peace and love – Pooks



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