Plan B

Hi again!

I am doing much better since my last blog post. But yeah, I’m sure you can understand my frustrations with the Children’s Aid Society. Smh.

I had some time to think, and I don’t think bringing me out to court was to have me watch these people give my children away. That wasn’t the purpose, I mean. Ya know? Everything happens for a reason. So maybe they just wanted me to know what’s going on, so that I can do something about it, if it comes down to that. Basically like; Hey! Nudge nudge. You need to be plan B.

So rather than seeing this as an obstacle, see it as a potential possibility. Ya know? My children could finally be coming back home to mom.

Now I don’t want to be the one to hurt my ex. I have been through that kind of pain, the loss of your children, and I wish that on no one. But if C.A.S and the judge do happen to decide that my ex is unfit to parent, then I will be there to step up into my place.

So yeah. Best to prepare than not be ready for what could possibly happen.

So instead of seeking for a 2 bedroom place, my partner and I have been searching for a 3 bedroom townhouse or house to rent. Say we do get my son and eldest daughter in our care, we’ll need the extra space.

We didn’t get accepted for the last townhouse unit we were looking at, but I think I made a quick recovery, and we have already viewed and filled an application for another. This is our 4th attempt. So let’s hope we get it.

Yeah, a lot hit us all at once. But slowly but surely, rather than getting overwhelmed and panicking, focus on getting all my ducks lined up, and take it one day at a time. I know I can do it. If I got myself into Western in the past, I can get everything I need to do now, done.

So yeah, tomorrow I have an appointment with my lawyer, to come up with a plan if C.A.S can’t serve my ex, and if he doesn’t co-operate with them. Basically it’s just that my partner and I are willing and can care for my son and eldest daughter if it comes down to that. Rather than them going into foster care.

But first I kind of got to get out of this house with asbestos. I am working on it.

For awhile there, even my left knee was stressing me out. I was worrying that maybe I would need surgery again. Especially after the weekend, after walking up and down steep hills. It is very swollen, and slows me down. It drives me nuts not being able to keep up with my family. It rarely hurts, but yeah, after that hike, I was feeling it. However, I put an ice pack on it at night, and yeah. Still swollen, but at least no more sharp shooting pains when I put weight on my left leg.

All Photos are property of Pauline King Shannon (a.k.a Pooks) All Rights Reserved ©


We decided that we’ll focus on moving and court, before I take care of my knee. I’m just hoping my knee can hold off that long. Pretty sure it’s a meniscus tear again. The re-occurrence of an old injury. Might have been all the squats with my baby. The amount of times I go from  standing to sitting in order to feed. Perhaps my knees can’t handle my own weight, plus my baby’s. So I have been more careful, even though it’s too late.

The weekend was good. My daughter baked a cake for the puppies, Chewie and Spaz. It’s their birthday. Since we didn’t have icing, I improvised and melted marshmallows on top. It turned out pretty good. Don’t worry, we didn’t give it to the dogs. We kind of ate it on their behalf. Lol

I went to McMahen Park with my girls, and my eldest daughter surprised me. She could run around the playground in 12 seconds. I know, I used the timer on my cell and timed her. It was a good thing we went to the park. She clearly had some energy to burn. Lol

All Photos are property of Pauline King Shannon (a.k.a Pooks) All Rights Reserved ©


On Sunday we tried to go fishing, but yeah, no fish this time. So we went to Gibbons Park, and had better luck with berry picking.


All Photos are property of Pauline King Shannon (a.k.a Pooks) All Rights Reserved ©

I fell asleep last night, so yeah. This blog is taking 2 days to complete.

So today I meet with my lawyer. Hopefully it all goes well. Yesterday I was supposed to call a bunch of places to view and whatnot. But I managed to arrange one. My man really likes it, so fingers crossed and positive thoughts! Majority of my day was spent on the phone with Legal Aid so that I have some financial coverage for this current case between my ex and C.A.S. Basically so my lawyer gets paid, however I appreciate that he shows up regardless when it comes to any case regarding my children and I. He’s been involved since the beginning. The perks of sticking to one lawyer, they know your case and you don’t have to start from scratch.

I would also like to thank all the people that have been trying to help us find a place, and thanks to the peeps that have been supportive and encouraging, especially my man’s mother. She’s been awesome when we need advice. Which reminds me, thanks to Aunt Corrine, for the tip regarding court. I will be sure to use it. My man’s older sister, she’s been giving some pointers as well.

Thanks to my OW worker. She’s been helpful, and understanding.

I am going to try to stay positive and optimistic. We will get through all of this. We kind of got hit with a number of curve balls all at once. Funny how life does that. But yeah, one thing at a time. We can do this. Peace and love.  – Pooks


“There are no short cuts to any place worth going.”

– Beverly Sills

All Photos are property of Pauline King Shannon (a.k.a Pooks) All Rights Reserved ©



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