Attn: #LdnOnt Realtors & Home Owners that are Renting 


My name is Pauline King Shannon. I am currently looking for a 3-4 bdrm home for my family. Ideally in NW London, something closer to where my partner works. 

Our current location has asbestos in the basement. So we urgently need to move.

There is my partner, myself, and our baby daughter. I also have 2 other children that visit on weekends, that we may get custody of soon (Best to prepare, just in case). We also have 3 small shiatsu’s. 
My partner is a Site Supervisor in construction, building homes. I am a stay at home parent (blogger & artist.) We can afford rent that is from $900 + utilities or $1,200 inclusive.
If you have anything available that would suit our needs, please contact us.
Pauline King Shannon

Twitter Handle: @pooks82


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