Reaching my Limit

Seriously contemplating about leaving my partner. Just picking up our daughter and leaving. I feel like I’ve given him enough warnings when it comes to alcohol.

It just keeps happening. It’s really the only thing we fight about. If he didn’t drink, we probably wouldn’t fight at all. But yeah…Last night, it feels like it’s my final straw.

So yesterday evening my partner went to go put the deposit down on the place we were to be moving to, and he had to go decline an offer to side job. Since the person that offered the side job didn’t speak English very well, apparently explaining why he can’t take the job took forever and it was oh so frustrating. So afterwards, he went to go visit his boss ( whom is a shitty influence if ask me) to vent and have a few beers. Normally his limit is 2. Supposedly his boss pressured him to drink past his limit. Yet I believe he had a choice. Just like it was his choice to make drinking with his boss a priority, over coming home to be with his daughter and “wife” that he supposedly loves.

However, if he loves me so much, why the hell would he come home fully knowing I got a problem with his drinking? He deliberately disrespected my values and rules to keep my home a safe haven for my children. So yeah, he can say that dumping a can of beer over his head is disrespectful, but repeating the same “mistake” over and over and saying sorry each time…that’s not sorry. That’s disrespectful. He doesn’t care what I think or feel about his drinking.

What pisses me off even more, is that I stuck up for him to C.A.S, since my son and ex are accusing him of being an alcoholic. It’s a pretty dumb move to go out and drink when someone is reporting to C.A.S that you’re a drunk. Yeah, especially since he’s pretty much proving thier accusation right. And because of that, it’s making me out to be a liar once again to C.A.S. I hate that!! That’s how I lost my kids the last time, asshole!! No man is worth lying for, especially when the price is your children.

If I do leave, that could prolong getting my eldest children back. It would mean that my baby and I would have to stay in a shelter for a month or more, depending how long it would take us to get into London Housing. I would basically be starting from scratch. Leaving my belongings behind.

I could give him another chance, but then again how many chances have I given him already?? It’s just the same shit over and over. And if he really cared about my values and what I think, then he’d be by my side when it comes to keeping our home a safe haven. Not coming home drunk becoming a potential risk to the rest of us.

Ya know? He says not to compare him to my ex. I haven’t for awhile. Matter of fact I didn’t this time around. But if he really wants a comparison, my ex was getting drunk and high elsewhere. What got me angry was that he’d rather be out partying than be there with his family. But in that light, my partner is worse. He drinks, gets drunk and comes back to a family home. Or he’s at home drinking with children present. How is that better for the kids??  So yeah, there’s your bloody comparison!!

As for giving my partner yet another chance. I would feel fuckin stupid for doing so. Especially after his rude, sarcastic apology last night. He’s not sorry. He doesn’t give a fuck. If he cared at all, we wouldn’t be fighting about this over and over. Ya know? A mistake repeated more than once is not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice.

And he’s always saying that I should stop thinking so much. What is wrong with a woman that thinks for herself?? That blogs, analyzes it all, and shares it. I have gifts, and one includes writing. In order to write, you kinda need to write your thoughts. So yeah, if anyone has a problem with you THINKING, it’s probably because that ability is scary to them and they see it as a threat.

Ya know? I should be with someone that encourages my gifts. To push me to be even a greater artist and writer. I shouldn’t be with someone that sees it as a negative and wants me to stop it all completely.

So yeah, that’s another thing that has me thinking. Maybe I’m in a relationship that isn’t as healthy as I had assumed.

And maybe, my son can see that. Maybe he’s right.

I will give my partner one last chance to straighten his act. Otherwise, me and his daughter are gone. That’s final. I’ve made this warning public.  We deserve better. I’ve gone through too much bullshit to put up with anything less.

My expectations may be high, and if he can’t live up to them, maybe he’s not the one. Just saying.

When I say I want my home to be a safe haven, I mean I want my home to be a safe haven.

So yeah, I’ll stick around this loveless relationship and see if anything changes. I must admit, I’m preparing to leave because I doubt he will change. He’s always got an excuse to drink.

He so much as walks through the front door having drunk past his limit again, we are gone. Good bye to the family he supposedly wanted, but sure as hell doesn’t act like it.

He’s got 4 hours every evening to spend time with his daughter. He’d rather drink or play video games on his cell phone. So yeah, I’m the one caring for our baby 24/7, we can manage without him if we have to. Just saying. I am capable.

Anyways, not the most up beat of blogs. But thanks for taking the time to read. Until next time, peace and love! – Pooks


Stare into my Crystal Ball

Long time no see…

Anyways, things are slowly coming together. We viewed and applied for 2 townhomes. So far, our application has been approved for one, which is the 3 bdrm townhouse. We’re just waiting to hear from the 4 bdrm place before we make our final decision and put a deposit down. Both are in Whitehills. So yeah, soon it will be; Good bye EOA! Pooks is returning to Whitehills!

It’s kind of strange how that is, since I was in Whitehills when my ex took our  children away from me. And here I am returning to the area, and could be getting them back in my care. If not both, at least one. My daughter made it clear that she wants to live with my partner and I. However, my son… things are iffy with him since he hasn’t been coming to the visits. He might be at Madame Vanier for a year, all depending on his progress. No one can determine where he’ll end up as of yet.

According to my eldest daughter, my son thinks he’ll be returning to his fathers after he’s done at Madame Vanier. I highly doubt it. Just saying.

My man and I were right. My ex has been teaching our son to hate my partner. Today C.A.S came by and said that my son and my ex are accusing my partner of being mean to me, and drinking heavily. False accusations.

Yes, there were times I was concerned about my partners drinking. That’s just me trying to keep my home safe. So yeah, I keep an eye on it. And he’s been doing amazing, he only drinks 1 or 2 here and there. I think he’s got his priorities straight. Family first.

As for being mean to me??? Wow. That’s news to me, considering he’s been nothing but supportive. Busting his ass off to support his daughter, myself, and 2 children that aren’t even his. He cleans, he cooks, he plans outings… He bought my son a text book for when he was homeschooling. The only reason he had an XBOX One was for my son. But yeah, video games are an addictive nuisance when it comes to my son, and since he hasn’t been showing up, we sold it. What else? Easter, he hid the treats for the Easter egg hunt. He even arranged 2 Easter baskets for them. So yeah, don’t tell me he’s mean to any of us, because he’s not. He’s gone above and beyond for us.

My ex is probably just hating on him due to his own insecurities. Yeah, my partner is the better man. He doesn’t grab a woman by thier throat and drag them around by thier hair. In fact, my partner  got stabbed in the leg years ago for trying to intervene when he witnessed domestic violence in public. And yeah, right now, since my ex feels all threatened by my partner going for custody of my son and daughter, so they can live with thier MOTHER!!…It’s just as we expected. He’s talking shit. Not only that, but to my son!! Getting him to believe all his nonsense. Which is basically everything that comes out of his mouth. Nonsense. That’s okay. I proved his accusations wrong before, ya know? I’m not a crackhead, a hooker, so on and so forth. I can do it again.

We’ll just continue to be as real and transparent as possible. He’ll just dig a deeper hole for himself.

Anyways, moving on…

These last 2 weekends we went swimming. Once at my man’s father’s place. The other at his grandmothers place.

Anyways, my eldest daughter learned how to swim!! I’m proud of her. I’m also proud that I did my part in teaching her. There was also my partner, and the foster family she’s staying with. But yeah, when I instructed her, she listened and caught on so fast. So thank St. Johns Catholic School in Red Lake, Ontario. Back when swimming lessons were apart of the cirriculum. I’m amazed those lessons stuck with me after all these years, because I personally don’t swim much. But yeah, thanks. After all these years, it stuck with me, and I was able to teach my daughter how to swim. It was pretty amazing how the memories just clicked in like that.

Anyways, back to the topic of moving. We plan to stay there for a year or 2. However long it takes to save up for a personal vehicle, and a house. However, when seeking a house, we will probably leave London.

My man’s mother would like us to move to Oshawa. And my man’s Aunts sister would like us to move to Delaware, On. Both places have support for us waiting. So yeah, that’s awesome. I think my man is leaning more towards Delaware though. It’s a small town, we want a sense of community, and you don’t get much of that in the city. Also, since my man’s best friend of 20 years is considering of moving to Delaware also in the future, it’s looking like Delaware may be our future home too.

Plus, my man’s grandmother has been there for 60 years. So the family is well respected there, thanks to her and her late husband.

So yeah, lots going on. We’re definitely moving. But first, to Whitehills. Closer to where my man works.

We’re pretty much preparing for whatever happens at court on August 11th, when we can bring forth the plan of taking custody of both my son and daughter. And we’re pretty much preparing for whatever the outcome. We understand that things are up in the air with my son. But yeah, since he’ll probably be at Vanier for a year, at least we could bring my eldest daughter home.

I think things are about to get real tough for my son. Ya know? No video games, period, at Vanier. So cold turkey. And yeah, regarding being able to function in society, he’s in for a rude awakening. He can’t continue to go the route he was going. Nothing but gaming, and sleeping. Everything his father was teaching him will have to be unlearned in order for him to be able to function in this world. At least at Vanier my sons mind won’t be manipulated as much. However, there are still those one hour visits with his father…

Anyways, just hope for the best outcome. That’s all we can do.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, peace and love! – Pooks
“Take control of your future by making a choice of starting it right now.”

– Auliq Ice

Stay Strong and Focus

Just got some upsetting news. I cried , and am still trying to understand it all. 

On the phone with a C.A.S worker, she told me that my son was going to be moved from Chatham to Madame Vanier on Thursday. Yes, the plan was to get him into Vanier anyways, but things took a more serious urgent turn. She told me that my son had been talking about suicide, and there he can receive the professional help he needs. 

I really do hope they can help. No one else seems to be able to get through to him. No one besides his father, but now I’m thinking he’s the last person our son should have any contact with. 

I mean, my ex has been teaching him to fear everything, to trust no one but him. 

So yeah, he’s done enough psychological damage. 

It upsets me that my son won’t come to the visits. I wish I knew why. But then again, the answer is probably directed at my ex again. I mean my son and my partner used to get along, at least until after a visit, he returned home…and the next visit his attitude was completely different. His father yelled at him saying that my partner is not his father. 

It doesn’t help that my ex has been telling our children that step father’s are pedophiles. 

Nor does my exes idea of an education for our son. He had him watching Info Wars. Which is just a bunch of negative fear mongering conspiracy theorist news. 

No child deserves to be brought up to be scared shitless of the world. They should be curious, and wanting to explore it. But yeah, my ex just wants to pass on his cowardly ways. 

No I’m not too happy with my ex. As I believe he is highly responsible for my son wanting to commit suicide. 

Maybe I am too. But I don’t see how I could be. 

I wish I could find out what my son has against my man and I. My partner is not a bad person. 

If he’s still upset about our relationship, between my man and I. You’d think he’d get over it after awhile and just be happy that someone makes his mom happy. 

According to my ex, he’s saying that our son is telling C.A.S that my partner gets drunk and beats me. Which isn’t true. My man had never laid a hand on me in any violent way. He even refuses to raise his voice with me. 

Yeah we bicker here and there about alcohol. But he hasn’t gone past his limit for a while. So I wouldn’t worry about that. Mama’s still here keeping my home a safe haven.

I find it funny that my ex would even say that our son is claiming my man to be a woman beater, when in fact, that’s what my ex is. Our son clearly still remembers a man grabbing me by the throat. But maybe he’s in denial that it was his father, so he’d rather say it was my man. “The big evil step-dad”. Yet, all my man has been doing is trying to help my son. Smh. 

I don’t know. For some reason my son just wants to hate my partner. And by not coming to the visits, he’s risking of getting himself stuck in foster care. Which would be a crappy way to learn about consequences, considering he still has a parent right here that is more than willing to let him in. I’ve been waiting a long time for my children to come back home. 

I can’t really envision my ex getting the children back at this rate. If it were up to me, he wouldn’t be allowed around them. He’s done enough damage. So why C.A.S allows it, is beyond me. Especially if my exes mental health is in question. 

Anyways, that’s a lot to take in. But I will stay strong, and focus on getting a new place. We’ve narrowed our search down to 2 places. One is a 4 bedroom, the other is a 3 bedroom. Both are available for August 1st. Anyways, we will apply for the 4 bedroom place, and if that falls through, at least we know we’re pretty much accepted for the 3 bedroom place. 

Today I got to go to the library and print out the application. My man is going to get his father to co-sign on the application. That way we have a better chance of getting either place. So yeah, that’s cool that he’ll help us out in that way. 

Anyways, if my son goes to Vanier on Thursday…I imagine being separated from her brother will be tough on my  daughter. So yeah, just keep trying to keep the weekend visits as fun and distracting as possible through these tough times. 

It’s starting to look like we won’t be bringing both kids home after all this court stuff is said and done. But there’s still hope for one. 

CAS will keep me in the know with whatever happens at Vanier. So yeah, let’s hope they can help my son. 

It is heart breaking for a mother to hear that her child is suicidal. 

I could start blaming myself, and do the whole self loathing thing. But I know there is much more to the picture than that. 

Anyways, got to get my baby and I ready to go to the library. Thanks for reading. Peace and love – Pooks

“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” 
– unknown

The Search Continues

It’s just one busy day after the next. 

Searching for a place to rent is a lot like job searching. First impressions, applications, so on and so forth. The plan, fill out as many applications as possible. Someone will eventually approve.

Another way that searching for a place to rent and job searching compare; is that both is a race against the students. At least here in London anyways. Students get priority for housing, and they get priority for jobs around here. It makes it difficult for families. So yeah, London is more student oriented. 

Since it’s only my partner that is employed, it makes it difficult to find a place he can afford…especially when searching for a place for a family of 5 and 3 dogs. It’s been challenging, but I have been busting my ass to find a place. 

We don’t really want to cause a hassle for First Nations Housing Co-Op regarding the asbestos. So we would rather move and let them fix the place up after we’ve gone. Rather than calling the public health unit, get it inspected, then get it taken care of. We would have to spend a night or two else where. And yeah, where would a family of 3 (a family of 5 on weekends) go? Our local supports can’t possibly take us all in. Including 3 dogs. So yeah, best to just move.

We viewed a place yesterday. It’s the main floor of a house, so my concern is storage. But besides that, if all else fails, we could make it work. 

Saturday will be busy. My two elder children visit (hopefully my son comes this time), we view a place in Whitehills, then in the evening we view another in Wortley Village. So yeah, going to have to make it entertaining since the viewings land on a day my children visit. 

I don’t think this blog will be too long. Just an update. 

Mostly I have been taking care of my baby, busting my ass to find a place, and cleaning on my spare time. Yup, that’s the life of Pooks lately. However, I wait until my baby and partner go to bed to work on the chores. I get more energetic at night when the temperature outside cools down. Plus, it’s just easier for me that way. The puppies are in thier kennels for the night, my partner and baby are asleep… So yeah, no one to get in my way or interrupt. 

While I was seeking for a place to rent, I ran into another scammer on kijiji. Claiming that he was renting a house, but was in Ohio for medical reasons. To view the place he suggested to peek in the windows. Seriously?? 

Just like Michael Shepherd, he supposedly had the keys and documents on him, so he’d ask for the first and last months rent to be transferred electronically. This got me thinking, why go through all that b.s.? The logic thing for a person to do if they had to leave the country is to hire a realtor to rent thier property on thier behalf. 

Anyways, my partner stumped him with a question: He asked why would you go to the states for health care, when health care is financially covered in Canada? Lol Of course he got no response. 

Anyways, I contacted the actual realtor of that property, and she confirmed that it is a scam. 

So another number for Londoners to watch out for is; (513)-480- 5743

Anyways, I am getting pretty tired. Floors are swept and mopped, the dishes are done…this mama needs some well deserved rest. 

Peace and love – Pooks

“Doubt is a question mark; faith is an exclamation point. The most compelling, believable, realistic stories have included them both.”

– Criss Jammi


Sunday Night Blogging

So obviously you read about the scam. Yup, we’re still searching for a place to move to. However, I still have high hopes. I have been networking with realtors and home owners, and they’ve been helping out in the search. It took awhile to get some connections, but yeah, don’t give up. Ya know? You’re bound to run into the right person ( or people) that can and will assist or guide you to the next step.

So yeah, We have a townhouse to check out tomorrow. Maybe another townhouse to check out after that too, just need to schedule a viewing. And who knows? Maybe an actual house. I will find a place for my family.

Anyways…earlier this week…I already mentioned what happened in court. The ex didn’t show to his own court case that involves him and the Children’s Aid Society. For some reason he thought it was between me and C.A.S. Ummm…no. I’m not the parent they see as a potential health and safety risk to our children. If anything, I was taken to court because I’m the mother, and C.A.S wanted me to hear the current concerns regarding my ex and our children.

Anyways, on Wednesday my ex missed his supervised visit with our children. He says there was a form of miscommunication between him and C.A.S when it came to the time of the visit. However, I think he slept in. As always, because he was probably up all night on the internet.

Matter of fact, that may be the cause of his downfall (the internet). He’s getting too engaged with Info Wars, and researching conspiracy theories that his interest in that has interfered with his role and priorities as a parent.

Anyways, on Wednesday I had gotten a phone call from my eldest daughter and she didn’t sound too happy that her father missed the visit. She was disappointed. So much so, that the tooth that she recently lost that she was going to give her dad, was given to me instead.

She had said that both her and her brother want to live with me. However, just this past weekend, my son didn’t come to the visit. I wish he would. I miss him. And with the visits being our trial run to see how we manage with 3 children, ya know? It might raise some concerns that he’s not coming, and he could very well end up remaining in foster care because of it. So yeah, I hope he comes next time.

I want to be able to sit down and talk to my son. I know we didn’t end on good terms the last time he was here months ago. And maybe it was wrong of my man to use his father as an example of what not to become in society. Living off of welfare with no desire to improve his life. Because now, my son has a chip on his shoulder towards my man. Understandable, that’s his father. And speaking negatively of him kind of put us 2 steps backwards when it comes to bonding as a family. It wasn’t until after reading articles about step parenting did we see where we went wrong. It will take a lot of time and effort to patch things up again.

Anyways, I just want my son to know that we aren’t angry with him. Maybe at his father, because all of this could have been prevented…But yeah, the past is the past. We tried to help with home-schooling, and it didn’t work out. So if C.A.S recommends Madame Vanier, if that’s going to help my son. Then yeah, I totally agree.

Thursday was the day my man drove to 43 Rogers Ave, and found out that all the units were occupied. We almost got scammed by this Michael Shepherd dude from the United States. But yeah, after my man knocked on all the doors, and the tenants had no idea who this Michael Shepherd dude was…My man called him and let him have it. And since this guy claimed to be a bible thumper, my man kept throwing in the words “You’re going to hell” ( for attempting to steal money from his family, fraud, lying, so on and so forth). Lol

After that ordeal, my ex messaged me asking to come over when we have our visit with our children. He also brought up how he got court papers from my lawyer which he wasn’t too happy about.

If my lawyer used my man’s name to file for custody, it’s probably because that’s our best shot of getting our children out of foster care. My man has a steady job, he had a clean bill of mental health. But no, my ex doesn’t see it that way, and sees it as a threat. Rather than thinking that because my man is with me, basically, they will be coming back home to me. But no, the way he sees it, is that my man is trying to take his kids away. He was calling my man a goof over the phone, and yeah. It got pretty intense between those two. But my man was honest with him. Ya know? While my ex keeps pointing the finger at everyone else, he has no one to blame but himself. He could have prevented the apprehension had he only listened to the people that tried to help. Plus, had he gone to court, and made it to his visits on time, he wouldn’t be digging himself a deeper hole.

My man is just trying to help get our kids back with a biological parent. Since they were apprehended from the ex, and it doesn’t look too likely that he’ll be getting them back, it only makes sense to help thier mother and his partner to gain custody.

What else? … I am getting tired.

I had a good weekend with my eldest daughter, my partner, and baby. On Saturday we went to Sunfest. On Sunday we went fishing, and then we all got hair cuts.

Thank you to Above Average Hair Care & Beauty Supply Inc. Lovin the hair cuts!

Anyways…I am getting exhausted and need to sleep. Tomorrow is Monday, and yeah. It looks like it will be another busy day. Peace and love – Pooks

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” 

– Winston Churchill

Michael Shepherd 

So I am trying to warn as many people as I can about this Michael Shepherd guy that contacts people looking for rentals in London, ON.

As you seen in my last blog post, we were offered a unit ( at 43 Rogers Ave.), and I got pretty excited about that.

Turns out, it was too good to be true.

This guy acted like he owned the property, he doesn’t.

Thank my man to looking farther into things before making a money transfer. Ya know? Being cautious.

The place was supposedly for $1,100 inclusive. He wanted first and last, so yeah, had we not looked into it further we would have been robbed of $2,200.

Anyways, this Michael Shepherd guy, he tries to give himself this “Man of God” image. Yet, if he were, he wouldn’t be scamming people for thier money, but that’s besides the point. He claims to have recently lost the life of his daughter in a car wreck, so he has moved to North Carolina recently. He says he’s self-employed, and has a wife named Lisa. He also instructs to send the money transfer for first and last months rent to Lawrence Johnson, whom is supposedly his secretary. That’s where things got questionable…why have the receiver listed in someone else’s name?

So this is what my partner did. He drove to the building to see if any units were actually vacant. Nope, they are all occupied, and all the tenants say that this Michael Shepherd guy is not any of thier land lords. So yeah, SCAM!!

So if you are hunting for a place to rent, please beware of this “Michael Shepherd” if he suddenly contacts you. Keep an eye out for the following phone number:

(646)- 470- 9708

I’m thankful we didn’t fall for it. However, there could be other victims prior to us.

He seems to prey on people through kijiji. Just a heads up. Please be careful.

Peace and love – Pooks

“Wisdom cannot be stolen, it can only be shared.” 

– Jefferson Smith

Funny How That Works

Oh the anticipation must be killing you, for those that have been following the recent events in my life. 

So yeah, no more waiting. I will tell you. 

My man, baby and I went to court yesterday, and since all parties weren’t present, court has been adjourned to mid August. However, since the ex did not show up to a court hearing in regards to him, the Children’s Aid Society, AND OUR CHILDREN!!, that did however make my partner and I look even better. Right now as it stands, the judge is under the impression that the ex doesn’t care for not even attending. 

So yeah, thanks for the brownie points. 

It’s not like he didn’t know. I sent him a text message the day before, and he said he’d be there. His excuse was that he thought C.A.S was coming to inspect his home, so he stayed home to clean.

 Quite honestly, I just think he over-slept. Same reason why our daughter was constantly late for school. 

I may have missed out on a weekend visit this past weekend due to the apprehension, but I have been granted the weekend visits back. This time as a trial run to see how I can handle my 2 elder children AND a 3 month old. Then maybe by the next court date, I could be bringing them home.

The ex seems to be more wrapped up in himself, and is more focused on proving why it’s everybody else’s fault. Rather than taking accountability. He hasn’t changed. This time, supposedly a group of teachers are out to get him or something. They target families specifically from his complex, and he’s a victim. At least that’s what he claims.

Wither that is true or not, I would not know. I wasn’t involved in that aspect. However, I won’t lie that it does come across as far fetched. I honestly think the teachers just wanted to help, and instead of allowing them to do so, my cowardly ex runs and hides. Or bounces our children from school to school, or takes them right out of school, the moment anyone on the staff questions anything.

So yeah, rather than appearing at court for the sake of our children, he’s just digging himself a bigger hole.

He says he wants to move out of his complex, that he doesn’t want our children to return to that neighborhood. But he fails to see the problem. Say he does move, the same will just happen again with another school. I mean this  isn’t just one school saying there’s issues. This is 2. Both St. Francis Catholic School and Wilton Grove Public School have concerns regarding the ex and our children. Ya know? When there’s 2 separate schools saying the same thing, something’s up. 

But yeah, besides all that. Things seem to be looking rather positive for me lately. If all goes well, my children could be coming home finally. 

Someone offered us a place to rent, so that’s exciting. It may not be as North-West as we had hoped. But it’s still north. It’s not a house or townhouse, as I have been seeking. It’s a big 3 bedroom unit in a small building. A place that looks small from the outside, big on the inside. Very spacious. Hopefully unfurnished, because we have alot of belongings to take with us. I’m just grateful and excited. We are lucky to have someone take a leap of faith to rent to us, to trust complete strangers with thier property. So yeah, a special shout out to Michael Shepherd. Thank you so much. We won’t let you down. 

As soon as we can pay first and last, we’ll get our key and lease documents. Our application has already been approved. So after all that is said and done, we have permission to move in as soon as possible.  Yaaaay!!

What else? A friend of my partner invited us to have a barbecue at her place. That’ll be nice. However we were given one condition; we must bring our baby. Lol She is a cutie. 🙂

Speaking of invitations, we got invited to a wedding!! My man’s best friend of 20 years is getting married. So that’s exciting. Congrats to him and his fiance! I look forward to attending the special occasion. 

I think we have a birthday party to attend to this month. My man’s sister’s son’s birthday. 

Suddenly I am reminded of Space Balls. Just by the way I wrote that. Lol

“I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.” – Dark Helmet

Anyways, I am trying my best to focus on the positive. Taking the advice from my man’s mom. Positive thoughts. 

It gets hard sometimes, but I find thinking of things I’m grateful for helps. Then the more positive thoughts just flow afterwards. Such as upcoming gatherings with family and friends. 

It’s kind of strange how things are turning out so well lately. I mean not that long ago we were feeling overwhelmed with a number of things. And look, it seems to be sorting itself out in a way. Of course with effort on our part. But yeah, we’re getting through our obstacles, and they’re turning into opportunities. Funny how that works. 

Thanks to Wayde from the Ark Aid Street Mission for agreeing to be a reference when it came down to getting a new place. The Ark will always have a special place in my heart. That place lifted me back up so to speak, and yeah. I’m so grateful. Maybe after things settle down in my life, maybe I can stop by and visit sometime. And if I get custody of my two eldest children, maybe we could volunteer there. I think it would be a valuable experience for them, especially my son. Plus it would be good to see my fellow artists again, I do miss them.

But yeah, one thing at a time, and stay strong. Stay positive. Believe it will all work out for the best. 

Thank you for reading. Until next time, peace and love! – Pooks

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses”

Alphonse Karr