Bring Them Home

Hi again.

This Friday was Canada Day, and I was planning to make it to the Pow Wow at Harris Park, but I had gotten some news that kind of changed things. I wasn’t feeling very social after the fact.

Basically, my son and eldest daughter were apprehended from thier father by C.A.S and 5 police officers on Thursday. If thier father didn’t contact me on Friday, I would have never known. I guess he thought our children were brought here. But nope.

He did try to contact me sooner, but yeah, on Thursday, I didn’t top up my cell until later on in the day, so I didn’t receive any messages he tried to send that day.

He said that our son and daughter did try to run, but they were caught. It sounds like they were pretty shook up when it happened. It would be a scary experience for children to be taken from thier home like that. Not fully understanding the situation. But with the problems between my ex and the schools, his lack of punctuality when it comes to getting our daughter to school, his obsession with conspiracy theories… I kind of figured it would happen eventually. My partner and I tried to tell him to straighten his act. But no no no. Gotta rebel against the system kind of ordeal, and yeah… this is the result.

Anyways, when they entered his home, his place was a mess, and when they checked his food supply, they said he had an inadequate amount. So our children were apprehended.

Court has been moved from July 28th, to Monday. So I am going to try to get my son and eldest daughter back. Sure I only had visitations. But I’m not a risk or concern according to C.A.S, and I have always been here. My past doesn’t make me who I am, if anything I have come along way and learned a lot over the years. My mental health is pretty good considering. Even my man says I’m handling this well. Rather than crying and dwelling, I am actually trying to do something about it. And since I have to wait until Monday, I have been keeping myself distracted, keeping myself busy with tasks at home and being there for my youngest child. I have to keep my mind clear, positive and focused.

My partner is stressed about it all, so he went fishing solo. If that helps him sort his thoughts, so be it. This is what I do to sort mine, I write.

Anyways, I am trying to stay optimistic. I mean, things do look like thier pointed in my favor, or C.A.S wouldn’t have contacted my lawyer about the court date. So yeah, my presence at court is needed and wanted for a reason.

I know things are a bit bumpy between my man and my son. They bunt heads. But that could be a testosterone thing, a “man of the house” thing. The typical step parent, step child struggle. It may take more time and effort for those two to bond. But at least my daughter and my partner get along well. Maybe if my son sees that, maybe he’ll let this invisible wall down and let my partner in.

Anyways, we’re going to rearrange the bedrooms again, just in case. The girls can share a room, and my son can have his own room. That will do for now, since we are trying to move out of here and into a townhouse that will have more space. However, we are still waiting to see if our application gets approved.

The place we’re currently trying to get is close to where my partner works. It’s close to schools, daycares, a plaza with a grocery store and library, etc. It would be a good location for us. Especially if I get custody of my elder children.

So yeah, we’ll see how things go on Monday. Thank my partner, he’s going to take time off work just to be there for my children and I.

I did let the ex know of the court date. Empathy can be a curse sometimes. But yeah, better to have both parents trying to get our children back from C.A.S, than just one. And yeah, he fucked up, but he’s thier father, and at least deserves a chance to try. Even though I do think things look pretty dim for him the way things stand. But yeah, fair is fair.

Unlike him, and his behavior in the past. He used to be so set on screwing me over. I just did him a favor. I doubt C.A.S would let him know about the court date, and would rather do things behind his back. So yeah, I just helped an old foe.

I don’t hate him, but I do feel sorry for him. Even though he could have prevented all of this. I’m disappointed, that just like before, I got to come along  and fix his mess.

My partner isn’t too happy with the ex though. He’s not impressed that my son and eldest daughter have to go through this in the first place. So yeah, his heart is in the right place. He’s concerned about my children’s well-being.

I know that if I do get custody, my son is going into counseling. I imagine he’s even more angry and confused now. As for his education, I want to try to get him back on track. Even if that means setting up a meeting with the teachers (and whomever was involved with my son) from St Francis, and Wilfred Jury just to get whatever school he goes to, and myself, caught up so we can come up with solutions. I know he’s behind. More so since he’s been pulled out of school by his father. According to my daughter, our son was just sleeping and playing on his tablet. So yeah, doesn’t sound like the whole homeschooling thing worked out. Heck, it didn’t work for my partner and I either. My partner tried to teach him about money, and my son just gave him attitude. He said only his father was allowed to teach him. He hasn’t been to a visit since.

So if we do get custody, it’s going to take time for my son to warm up to the idea. Especially since I think he had high hopes for his father and I to get back together.

My partner is a good man. He busts his ass to provide for his family. That includes my son and eldest daughter. I’m glad my daughter can see and appreciate his efforts…

That’s sweet. Just got a text message from my man. He misses my eldest daughter. He’s fishing, and says he misses his good luck charm ( my eldest daughter). ❤ He never fails to amaze me. My children and I are lucky to have him in our lives. ❤

Anyways, fingers crossed that we can bring them home. Both my son and daughter. I certainly will try my best. Ya know? I didn’t fight so hard to have my visits just to have my children placed in foster care. I am stubborn. I am determined. I will not give up. I will get them back.

Thanks for reading. Peace and love – Pooks

“No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.” 

– Greg Cinkaid


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