Funny How That Works

Oh the anticipation must be killing you, for those that have been following the recent events in my life. 

So yeah, no more waiting. I will tell you. 

My man, baby and I went to court yesterday, and since all parties weren’t present, court has been adjourned to mid August. However, since the ex did not show up to a court hearing in regards to him, the Children’s Aid Society, AND OUR CHILDREN!!, that did however make my partner and I look even better. Right now as it stands, the judge is under the impression that the ex doesn’t care for not even attending. 

So yeah, thanks for the brownie points. 

It’s not like he didn’t know. I sent him a text message the day before, and he said he’d be there. His excuse was that he thought C.A.S was coming to inspect his home, so he stayed home to clean.

 Quite honestly, I just think he over-slept. Same reason why our daughter was constantly late for school. 

I may have missed out on a weekend visit this past weekend due to the apprehension, but I have been granted the weekend visits back. This time as a trial run to see how I can handle my 2 elder children AND a 3 month old. Then maybe by the next court date, I could be bringing them home.

The ex seems to be more wrapped up in himself, and is more focused on proving why it’s everybody else’s fault. Rather than taking accountability. He hasn’t changed. This time, supposedly a group of teachers are out to get him or something. They target families specifically from his complex, and he’s a victim. At least that’s what he claims.

Wither that is true or not, I would not know. I wasn’t involved in that aspect. However, I won’t lie that it does come across as far fetched. I honestly think the teachers just wanted to help, and instead of allowing them to do so, my cowardly ex runs and hides. Or bounces our children from school to school, or takes them right out of school, the moment anyone on the staff questions anything.

So yeah, rather than appearing at court for the sake of our children, he’s just digging himself a bigger hole.

He says he wants to move out of his complex, that he doesn’t want our children to return to that neighborhood. But he fails to see the problem. Say he does move, the same will just happen again with another school. I mean this  isn’t just one school saying there’s issues. This is 2. Both St. Francis Catholic School and Wilton Grove Public School have concerns regarding the ex and our children. Ya know? When there’s 2 separate schools saying the same thing, something’s up. 

But yeah, besides all that. Things seem to be looking rather positive for me lately. If all goes well, my children could be coming home finally. 

Someone offered us a place to rent, so that’s exciting. It may not be as North-West as we had hoped. But it’s still north. It’s not a house or townhouse, as I have been seeking. It’s a big 3 bedroom unit in a small building. A place that looks small from the outside, big on the inside. Very spacious. Hopefully unfurnished, because we have alot of belongings to take with us. I’m just grateful and excited. We are lucky to have someone take a leap of faith to rent to us, to trust complete strangers with thier property. So yeah, a special shout out to Michael Shepherd. Thank you so much. We won’t let you down. 

As soon as we can pay first and last, we’ll get our key and lease documents. Our application has already been approved. So after all that is said and done, we have permission to move in as soon as possible.  Yaaaay!!

What else? A friend of my partner invited us to have a barbecue at her place. That’ll be nice. However we were given one condition; we must bring our baby. Lol She is a cutie. 🙂

Speaking of invitations, we got invited to a wedding!! My man’s best friend of 20 years is getting married. So that’s exciting. Congrats to him and his fiance! I look forward to attending the special occasion. 

I think we have a birthday party to attend to this month. My man’s sister’s son’s birthday. 

Suddenly I am reminded of Space Balls. Just by the way I wrote that. Lol

“I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.” – Dark Helmet

Anyways, I am trying my best to focus on the positive. Taking the advice from my man’s mom. Positive thoughts. 

It gets hard sometimes, but I find thinking of things I’m grateful for helps. Then the more positive thoughts just flow afterwards. Such as upcoming gatherings with family and friends. 

It’s kind of strange how things are turning out so well lately. I mean not that long ago we were feeling overwhelmed with a number of things. And look, it seems to be sorting itself out in a way. Of course with effort on our part. But yeah, we’re getting through our obstacles, and they’re turning into opportunities. Funny how that works. 

Thanks to Wayde from the Ark Aid Street Mission for agreeing to be a reference when it came down to getting a new place. The Ark will always have a special place in my heart. That place lifted me back up so to speak, and yeah. I’m so grateful. Maybe after things settle down in my life, maybe I can stop by and visit sometime. And if I get custody of my two eldest children, maybe we could volunteer there. I think it would be a valuable experience for them, especially my son. Plus it would be good to see my fellow artists again, I do miss them.

But yeah, one thing at a time, and stay strong. Stay positive. Believe it will all work out for the best. 

Thank you for reading. Until next time, peace and love! – Pooks

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses”

Alphonse Karr


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