Michael Shepherd 

So I am trying to warn as many people as I can about this Michael Shepherd guy that contacts people looking for rentals in London, ON.

As you seen in my last blog post, we were offered a unit ( at 43 Rogers Ave.), and I got pretty excited about that.

Turns out, it was too good to be true.

This guy acted like he owned the property, he doesn’t.

Thank my man to looking farther into things before making a money transfer. Ya know? Being cautious.

The place was supposedly for $1,100 inclusive. He wanted first and last, so yeah, had we not looked into it further we would have been robbed of $2,200.

Anyways, this Michael Shepherd guy, he tries to give himself this “Man of God” image. Yet, if he were, he wouldn’t be scamming people for thier money, but that’s besides the point. He claims to have recently lost the life of his daughter in a car wreck, so he has moved to North Carolina recently. He says he’s self-employed, and has a wife named Lisa. He also instructs to send the money transfer for first and last months rent to Lawrence Johnson, whom is supposedly his secretary. That’s where things got questionable…why have the receiver listed in someone else’s name?

So this is what my partner did. He drove to the building to see if any units were actually vacant. Nope, they are all occupied, and all the tenants say that this Michael Shepherd guy is not any of thier land lords. So yeah, SCAM!!

So if you are hunting for a place to rent, please beware of this “Michael Shepherd” if he suddenly contacts you. Keep an eye out for the following phone number:

(646)- 470- 9708

I’m thankful we didn’t fall for it. However, there could be other victims prior to us.

He seems to prey on people through kijiji. Just a heads up. Please be careful.

Peace and love – Pooks

“Wisdom cannot be stolen, it can only be shared.” 

– Jefferson Smith


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