Sunday Night Blogging

So obviously you read about the scam. Yup, we’re still searching for a place to move to. However, I still have high hopes. I have been networking with realtors and home owners, and they’ve been helping out in the search. It took awhile to get some connections, but yeah, don’t give up. Ya know? You’re bound to run into the right person ( or people) that can and will assist or guide you to the next step.

So yeah, We have a townhouse to check out tomorrow. Maybe another townhouse to check out after that too, just need to schedule a viewing. And who knows? Maybe an actual house. I will find a place for my family.

Anyways…earlier this week…I already mentioned what happened in court. The ex didn’t show to his own court case that involves him and the Children’s Aid Society. For some reason he thought it was between me and C.A.S. Ummm…no. I’m not the parent they see as a potential health and safety risk to our children. If anything, I was taken to court because I’m the mother, and C.A.S wanted me to hear the current concerns regarding my ex and our children.

Anyways, on Wednesday my ex missed his supervised visit with our children. He says there was a form of miscommunication between him and C.A.S when it came to the time of the visit. However, I think he slept in. As always, because he was probably up all night on the internet.

Matter of fact, that may be the cause of his downfall (the internet). He’s getting too engaged with Info Wars, and researching conspiracy theories that his interest in that has interfered with his role and priorities as a parent.

Anyways, on Wednesday I had gotten a phone call from my eldest daughter and she didn’t sound too happy that her father missed the visit. She was disappointed. So much so, that the tooth that she recently lost that she was going to give her dad, was given to me instead.

She had said that both her and her brother want to live with me. However, just this past weekend, my son didn’t come to the visit. I wish he would. I miss him. And with the visits being our trial run to see how we manage with 3 children, ya know? It might raise some concerns that he’s not coming, and he could very well end up remaining in foster care because of it. So yeah, I hope he comes next time.

I want to be able to sit down and talk to my son. I know we didn’t end on good terms the last time he was here months ago. And maybe it was wrong of my man to use his father as an example of what not to become in society. Living off of welfare with no desire to improve his life. Because now, my son has a chip on his shoulder towards my man. Understandable, that’s his father. And speaking negatively of him kind of put us 2 steps backwards when it comes to bonding as a family. It wasn’t until after reading articles about step parenting did we see where we went wrong. It will take a lot of time and effort to patch things up again.

Anyways, I just want my son to know that we aren’t angry with him. Maybe at his father, because all of this could have been prevented…But yeah, the past is the past. We tried to help with home-schooling, and it didn’t work out. So if C.A.S recommends Madame Vanier, if that’s going to help my son. Then yeah, I totally agree.

Thursday was the day my man drove to 43 Rogers Ave, and found out that all the units were occupied. We almost got scammed by this Michael Shepherd dude from the United States. But yeah, after my man knocked on all the doors, and the tenants had no idea who this Michael Shepherd dude was…My man called him and let him have it. And since this guy claimed to be a bible thumper, my man kept throwing in the words “You’re going to hell” ( for attempting to steal money from his family, fraud, lying, so on and so forth). Lol

After that ordeal, my ex messaged me asking to come over when we have our visit with our children. He also brought up how he got court papers from my lawyer which he wasn’t too happy about.

If my lawyer used my man’s name to file for custody, it’s probably because that’s our best shot of getting our children out of foster care. My man has a steady job, he had a clean bill of mental health. But no, my ex doesn’t see it that way, and sees it as a threat. Rather than thinking that because my man is with me, basically, they will be coming back home to me. But no, the way he sees it, is that my man is trying to take his kids away. He was calling my man a goof over the phone, and yeah. It got pretty intense between those two. But my man was honest with him. Ya know? While my ex keeps pointing the finger at everyone else, he has no one to blame but himself. He could have prevented the apprehension had he only listened to the people that tried to help. Plus, had he gone to court, and made it to his visits on time, he wouldn’t be digging himself a deeper hole.

My man is just trying to help get our kids back with a biological parent. Since they were apprehended from the ex, and it doesn’t look too likely that he’ll be getting them back, it only makes sense to help thier mother and his partner to gain custody.

What else? … I am getting tired.

I had a good weekend with my eldest daughter, my partner, and baby. On Saturday we went to Sunfest. On Sunday we went fishing, and then we all got hair cuts.

Thank you to Above Average Hair Care & Beauty Supply Inc. Lovin the hair cuts!

Anyways…I am getting exhausted and need to sleep. Tomorrow is Monday, and yeah. It looks like it will be another busy day. Peace and love – Pooks

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” 

– Winston Churchill


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