The Search Continues

It’s just one busy day after the next. 

Searching for a place to rent is a lot like job searching. First impressions, applications, so on and so forth. The plan, fill out as many applications as possible. Someone will eventually approve.

Another way that searching for a place to rent and job searching compare; is that both is a race against the students. At least here in London anyways. Students get priority for housing, and they get priority for jobs around here. It makes it difficult for families. So yeah, London is more student oriented. 

Since it’s only my partner that is employed, it makes it difficult to find a place he can afford…especially when searching for a place for a family of 5 and 3 dogs. It’s been challenging, but I have been busting my ass to find a place. 

We don’t really want to cause a hassle for First Nations Housing Co-Op regarding the asbestos. So we would rather move and let them fix the place up after we’ve gone. Rather than calling the public health unit, get it inspected, then get it taken care of. We would have to spend a night or two else where. And yeah, where would a family of 3 (a family of 5 on weekends) go? Our local supports can’t possibly take us all in. Including 3 dogs. So yeah, best to just move.

We viewed a place yesterday. It’s the main floor of a house, so my concern is storage. But besides that, if all else fails, we could make it work. 

Saturday will be busy. My two elder children visit (hopefully my son comes this time), we view a place in Whitehills, then in the evening we view another in Wortley Village. So yeah, going to have to make it entertaining since the viewings land on a day my children visit. 

I don’t think this blog will be too long. Just an update. 

Mostly I have been taking care of my baby, busting my ass to find a place, and cleaning on my spare time. Yup, that’s the life of Pooks lately. However, I wait until my baby and partner go to bed to work on the chores. I get more energetic at night when the temperature outside cools down. Plus, it’s just easier for me that way. The puppies are in thier kennels for the night, my partner and baby are asleep… So yeah, no one to get in my way or interrupt. 

While I was seeking for a place to rent, I ran into another scammer on kijiji. Claiming that he was renting a house, but was in Ohio for medical reasons. To view the place he suggested to peek in the windows. Seriously?? 

Just like Michael Shepherd, he supposedly had the keys and documents on him, so he’d ask for the first and last months rent to be transferred electronically. This got me thinking, why go through all that b.s.? The logic thing for a person to do if they had to leave the country is to hire a realtor to rent thier property on thier behalf. 

Anyways, my partner stumped him with a question: He asked why would you go to the states for health care, when health care is financially covered in Canada? Lol Of course he got no response. 

Anyways, I contacted the actual realtor of that property, and she confirmed that it is a scam. 

So another number for Londoners to watch out for is; (513)-480- 5743

Anyways, I am getting pretty tired. Floors are swept and mopped, the dishes are done…this mama needs some well deserved rest. 

Peace and love – Pooks

“Doubt is a question mark; faith is an exclamation point. The most compelling, believable, realistic stories have included them both.”

– Criss Jammi



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