Stare into my Crystal Ball

Long time no see…

Anyways, things are slowly coming together. We viewed and applied for 2 townhomes. So far, our application has been approved for one, which is the 3 bdrm townhouse. We’re just waiting to hear from the 4 bdrm place before we make our final decision and put a deposit down. Both are in Whitehills. So yeah, soon it will be; Good bye EOA! Pooks is returning to Whitehills!

It’s kind of strange how that is, since I was in Whitehills when my ex took our  children away from me. And here I am returning to the area, and could be getting them back in my care. If not both, at least one. My daughter made it clear that she wants to live with my partner and I. However, my son… things are iffy with him since he hasn’t been coming to the visits. He might be at Madame Vanier for a year, all depending on his progress. No one can determine where he’ll end up as of yet.

According to my eldest daughter, my son thinks he’ll be returning to his fathers after he’s done at Madame Vanier. I highly doubt it. Just saying.

My man and I were right. My ex has been teaching our son to hate my partner. Today C.A.S came by and said that my son and my ex are accusing my partner of being mean to me, and drinking heavily. False accusations.

Yes, there were times I was concerned about my partners drinking. That’s just me trying to keep my home safe. So yeah, I keep an eye on it. And he’s been doing amazing, he only drinks 1 or 2 here and there. I think he’s got his priorities straight. Family first.

As for being mean to me??? Wow. That’s news to me, considering he’s been nothing but supportive. Busting his ass off to support his daughter, myself, and 2 children that aren’t even his. He cleans, he cooks, he plans outings… He bought my son a text book for when he was homeschooling. The only reason he had an XBOX One was for my son. But yeah, video games are an addictive nuisance when it comes to my son, and since he hasn’t been showing up, we sold it. What else? Easter, he hid the treats for the Easter egg hunt. He even arranged 2 Easter baskets for them. So yeah, don’t tell me he’s mean to any of us, because he’s not. He’s gone above and beyond for us.

My ex is probably just hating on him due to his own insecurities. Yeah, my partner is the better man. He doesn’t grab a woman by thier throat and drag them around by thier hair. In fact, my partner  got stabbed in the leg years ago for trying to intervene when he witnessed domestic violence in public. And yeah, right now, since my ex feels all threatened by my partner going for custody of my son and daughter, so they can live with thier MOTHER!!…It’s just as we expected. He’s talking shit. Not only that, but to my son!! Getting him to believe all his nonsense. Which is basically everything that comes out of his mouth. Nonsense. That’s okay. I proved his accusations wrong before, ya know? I’m not a crackhead, a hooker, so on and so forth. I can do it again.

We’ll just continue to be as real and transparent as possible. He’ll just dig a deeper hole for himself.

Anyways, moving on…

These last 2 weekends we went swimming. Once at my man’s father’s place. The other at his grandmothers place.

Anyways, my eldest daughter learned how to swim!! I’m proud of her. I’m also proud that I did my part in teaching her. There was also my partner, and the foster family she’s staying with. But yeah, when I instructed her, she listened and caught on so fast. So thank St. Johns Catholic School in Red Lake, Ontario. Back when swimming lessons were apart of the cirriculum. I’m amazed those lessons stuck with me after all these years, because I personally don’t swim much. But yeah, thanks. After all these years, it stuck with me, and I was able to teach my daughter how to swim. It was pretty amazing how the memories just clicked in like that.

Anyways, back to the topic of moving. We plan to stay there for a year or 2. However long it takes to save up for a personal vehicle, and a house. However, when seeking a house, we will probably leave London.

My man’s mother would like us to move to Oshawa. And my man’s Aunts sister would like us to move to Delaware, On. Both places have support for us waiting. So yeah, that’s awesome. I think my man is leaning more towards Delaware though. It’s a small town, we want a sense of community, and you don’t get much of that in the city. Also, since my man’s best friend of 20 years is considering of moving to Delaware also in the future, it’s looking like Delaware may be our future home too.

Plus, my man’s grandmother has been there for 60 years. So the family is well respected there, thanks to her and her late husband.

So yeah, lots going on. We’re definitely moving. But first, to Whitehills. Closer to where my man works.

We’re pretty much preparing for whatever happens at court on August 11th, when we can bring forth the plan of taking custody of both my son and daughter. And we’re pretty much preparing for whatever the outcome. We understand that things are up in the air with my son. But yeah, since he’ll probably be at Vanier for a year, at least we could bring my eldest daughter home.

I think things are about to get real tough for my son. Ya know? No video games, period, at Vanier. So cold turkey. And yeah, regarding being able to function in society, he’s in for a rude awakening. He can’t continue to go the route he was going. Nothing but gaming, and sleeping. Everything his father was teaching him will have to be unlearned in order for him to be able to function in this world. At least at Vanier my sons mind won’t be manipulated as much. However, there are still those one hour visits with his father…

Anyways, just hope for the best outcome. That’s all we can do.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, peace and love! – Pooks
“Take control of your future by making a choice of starting it right now.”

– Auliq Ice


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