Something New

Hi again!! 

K. So the last time I blogged was September 9th. So yeah, it’s been a week. Time for some updates. 

Last weekend my eldest daughter gave me a letter, and it said in her own hand writing that she wanted to live here. That was sweet. 

Monday… I don’t even remember. Must’ve been a busy day at home with my baby. Some days just fly by. However, on Tuesday, I took my baby to her first mom and Baby group called Beginning with Babies. Anyways, it’s a program that is run by Childreach at the Cherryhill Library. I thought my baby would make strange, but she was actually pretty loud and seemed to enjoy herself. So we will be going back again. 

I figured it was time to get my baby socialized, plus we get pretty bored at home all the time, and this gives me a chance to interact with other mother’s, and my baby gets to play with other babies. That and CAS did make a suggestion to look into groups and stuff. Which I have. At first I was feeling kind of antisocial, but after going there, I am glad I went. It was kind of refreshing to be around women that I could relate to when it comes to parenting. 

At Beginning with Babies, we do a social circle, ya know? The babies play, the Mama’s talk. Then we sing songs, blow bubbles…so on and so forth. It was awesome. 

I have also been looking into other Childreach programs and events, and wouldn’t mind participating in the Stroller Walk and Talk at Gibbons Park, as well as the Wild Child at Medway Forest. I would like to do those before those programs end and it gets too cold out. I think it would be a good way to network and make new friends possibly. 

Thanks to the Northwest London Resource Centre, they were the ones that pointed me in the direction of Sherwood Forest Library, and it was through the Sherwood Forest Library that I discovered these Childreach programs. So thanks to the Sherwood Forest Library as well. 

Other than that, the week has been flying by. It’s me and my baby at home. I try to get some chores done during the day…some days are easier than others. My baby has been very cuddley lately. So I think she could be teething again. She’d cuddle with me all day if she could. Lol. 

Anyways, what else? The only other major thing is that I got a job. I am an Escentcial Consultant for Scentsy. It was kind of spontaneous, but I think it’s worth a try. Besides, who doesn’t like things that smell pretty? 

It’s funny because I was originally going to go pick up a pair of runners for my partner from a woman, whom is now my advisor, that I had interacted with on Facebook through a Buy Nothing group. Anyways, little did I know that a job offer was there as well. Life is full surprises. 

So yeah. I am still learning about Scentsy, I am just a beginner. I admit that I am a bit nervous. Ya know? I’ve never done anything like this. As in try to run my own business kind of thing. But yeah, fingers crossed that I am successful, and that I can pitch in and help my partner keep things afloat. And who knows, maybe I may make friends through this business. 

Feel free to check out my website, in case your curious of what I may be doing. What I may be selling. You may find it interesting. Especially if you love things that smell nice, and that are safer to use than a burning candle. 

Pauline’s Scentsy Site
Anyways, my Advisor seems like a nice woman. She even said that in the future, once we get to know eachother more, that maybe her daughter could babysit mine sometime. Her daughter has all her certificates. So yeah, that would be awesome. Especially since this mama doesnt really get any time off. 

I am nervous, a tad bit overwhelmed, and kinda excited all at once. I hope that I do well with this job. I look forward to building new friendships, networking, and putting my skills that I have accumulated over the years to the test. Let’s see if those Leads workers were right, that my communication skills are better than I think they are.  

Next month, I plan to also take on becoming a Younique presenter. So yeah, the goal is to make more than I can get from OW per month. OW doesn’t give much of a top up. I’m sure I can make more than $78. Ya know? I’d be better off working. And that’s the perk with Scentsy and Younique, both jobs I can do from home, so I can still be there for my baby. 

Oh, another thing. I received an awesome email from the CAS worker and she wants to start that transition to get my eldest daughter to live here. Yaaaay!! Good news! So by the sounds of it, after all this court stuff is done, my eldest daughter could finally be coming back home to her mom. 

Things with my son may take longer though. However, I hope he knows that he is more than welcome to come visit anytime. We miss him. And I want him to know that he doesn’t have to worry, my partner won’t hurt me. I hope he is okay and doing well. All I want for him is to be healthy, safe and happy. 

Anyways, it’s getting late. Tomorrow my eldest daughter will be here. My partner works tomorrow, so yeah. I will need to find something for us ladies to do on a Saturday. 

Life’s been good for the most part. I mean yeah we stress about debts and bills, but I will remain positive. I can do this. I can help my partner and balance it all out. 

Wish me luck on my new endeavors and experiences, and adventures! I’m so excited. Life is good. 

Peace and love – Pooks


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