Desperate for my Attention, eh?

Clearly someone wants my attention. Normally I wouldn’t give the time of day, but enough is enough. 

Yeah, I’m talking about Melishee. 

I think after seeing the blog post she wrote about me ” A taste of her own medicine”, and deleted, and is now denying she wrote that horrible shit about me and my family. No she doesn’t deserve my friendship. Attack me, fine. Bring my baby up, and my partner?? Yeah, you stepped over an unforgivable line. 

I’m not her friend anymore, and it’s like ever since she’s been doing the woe is me. Poor me poor me. People take advantage of me bullshit. 

I never asked her for shit. Matter of fact, I didn’t like her buying me shit because it meant “you owe her” in her little world. Yet nobody owes her shit. Her friendship comes with a price tag. I believe I noticed that years ago…but for some fucked up reason I gave her another chance. Oh right. I felt bad for her, because her friends at the time we’re saying they didn’t like her, they only tolerated her. Yeah, now I understand them.

Anyways, I have a baby now. Taking care of a baby is a lot of work. I don’t need to be taking care of an unmedicated psychopath that should be on seroquil on top of that. Let alone listening to her bitch and moan about her supposed problems. I got pretty tired of her yo yo relationship. I guess the same applies for her now ex fiance. Can’t blame him. After awhile you got to say, enough is enough.

She bitches that Fanshawe College doesn’t have the support for her mental health. Well duh!! She’s clinically diagnosed as a psychopath. So they wouldn’t have the professionals for her there. She’s seeking the wrong places for help. It’s either go to your doctor and get back on seroquil, or try Parkwood Hospital. 

Yeah, she’s being a bit of a copy cat when it comes to refusing to be put on meds. I however, just have spouts of anxiety and depression. That’s pretty normal. I’m not clinically or officially a psychopath. Theres a diff. Besides, there’s ways to cope with anxiety and depression. I believe I have found ways that work for me. 
But yeah, the way she’s whining that I’m no longer her friend. I think it’s about time she moves on. I don’t see an unmedicated psychopath as safe to have around my family. And the way she stalks me online, more so since I’m not her friend is a bit alarming. She is the one that tweeted ” If only murder wasn’t a crime.” years ago when we got into a fallout. Yup. That was about me. So yeah, I have every right to be concerned about my safety.

I mean,  she just can’t stop talking about me. Obsessed much? 

The only thing I think she cares about is the number of followers I have on Twitter. She wants that. But maybe she doesn’t have that because her attitude stinks. 

Also, she expects shit to be handed to her on a silver platter. Such as tuition money. You know what my partner did to get a Post Secondary education? He worked to pay for it, just like many others. I know someone that had 2 jobs just to get through school.So yeah, she can get up off her lazy ass and work. That is… if she can hold onto a job without her “love life” interfering. She often creates her own pathetic drama. Smh.

Also, if she didn’t waste her money on WWE merchandise, and put that towards saving up for this tuition she supposedly wants, maybe she wouldnt need to be a bum online using Go Fund Me. So think twice before you put money towards that go fund me site of hers. It will probably just go towards “Official Merchandise” or trips out of town. I mean that’s what she blows her OW money on. In her infamous words; “Tax payers money hard at work!”

But yeah, when it comes to friends. I think I want to surround myself with other families. Positive people. Hard working people. They say your 5 closest friends reflect and shape who you are, so yeah. I don’t want Melishee to have any influence on me. I think you can see why. 

But I guess if she’s not harassing me, she’s harassing political parties. HA! Maybe she’ll get herself arrested before she smartens up. 

Yeah, she’s got a lot of growing up to do. I thought she would by now. But nope. Same bullshit. Perhaps she won’t. She can talk, and write mature, but her actions and behavior prove otherwise. They kinda contridict what she says in her blog. Lol Smh. 

Anyways, She wanted my attention. She got it. This is my way of responding and saying ” Go fuck yourself and get a life Melly!” I have better more important people that actually deserve my attention. You however, “not so much.” 

Hope you enjoyed the read! Those obsessive fans yo. Geez. Welcome to my life! HAHA! Peace and love! – Pooks


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