Quite Eventful

It’s been quite eventful lately. Of course a certain someone is playing the innocent Christian Caucasian girl… Claiming to be sooooo unique and original. Accusing others for pressuring conformity on her. But here’s the funny thing, she’s copying me. She’s suddenly an Avon rep, which is pretty similar to a Scentsy Consultant. Not only that, but on Twitter she is posting quotes, to be more specific, Tim Fargo quotes. Which is something I do. So she claims to be moving on with her life, but is mimicking my every move. Suddenly she’s going to donate clothes…So yeah, this copying thing,  it’s annoying. Especially when you don’t want to be associated with that copy cat. 

I see a copy cat as a mindless sheep that can’t think for themselves. They have no creativity. No ideas. Ya know, fuckin brain dead.

Yet she’s accusing people for pressuring conformity on her?? First of all, she’s a white Caucasian girl, Wtf does she know about conformity?? In Western society, she’s pretty privileged considering she’s blonde, white, and has blue eyes. She doesn’t have to fear for her people going missing or being murdered on a regular basis. Genocide still exists, and people of colour are the targets. So yeah, that dumbass can shut the fuck up!!

And speaking of dumb, just that accusation is dumb, considering she’s copying me. But boo hoo boo hoo. She’s losing her identity. Then be yourself and fuck off!

Which reminds me, why would a person stay subscribed to someone’s blog when clearly the writer wants nothing to do with them? Ahem, psycho!! Clearly has some mental obsessive issues. You would  think the average person would unfollow or unsubsribe. That would make sense. But this person has no sense. Obviously. Not even commonsense as she claims.

So I’ll share some memes that kinda made me giggle regarding this particular situation. 

Anyways… I have more to write… besides her b.s. So considering she’s doing this during a tough time in my life, yeah, she’s just being a bitch. 

What I mean by tough time is… not too long ago, I got the news that my foster dad died. Sure I was never really accepted as a daughter of his own, but like my foster mom said; ” He’s the only dad I knew.” Even if he wasn’t the greatest. He did get me into college, he did take us on vacations and I got to see many places across Canada, and a bit in the U.S. 

He was a severe diabetic that didn’t take care of himself. He didn’t change his diet. So yeah, despite all the warnings…he basically killed himself for the love of food. It does make me upset and angry. But I think we all knew it would happen eventually. As sad as that is. We knew this time would come. 

So I am waiting to hear from family. Waiting to hear when the funeral will be. It will be weird reconnecting with a family I pushed away for years, but everything happens for a reason. So yeah, it will be weird. Just go and see how it goes. 

Other than that, I got into a wonderful feud with my man’s ex and her boyfriend. I guess when my man was helping a friend move, his ex approached him all like; ” Hiiiiiii…. is this your truck?” When my man told her to fuck off. She said ” I thought things were good now.” Of coarse when I messaged her she denies this. She has a boyfriend, but every time she sees my man, she practically throws herself at him. So yeah. I told her boyfriend that his girlfriend is a whore and he needs to get her to leave my man alone. My man has moved on, and so should she. Geez! During all this, they were calling me dumb, retarded, and the boyfriend was even threatening to hurt my partner. But whatever; the exes boyfriend is a fool. I mean if this ex has a history of cheating on my man, than she’d probably cheat on this new boyfriend too. I guess she was hoping my man would cheat too. But nope. Each time he shoots her down. So nyeh! 😝

Anyways, that’s my life lately. There’s been a death in the family and I’m dealing with stupid fuckin people that do not understand the meaning of the words; “Fuck off.” 

I mean, if Melishee ain’t stalking me, she’s getting her friends to. I guess they too need to get a life. Wow. 

Anyways, R.I.P Ken Shannon. Peace and love – Pooks


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