Get back up each time

Hi again!

It’s hard to find time to blog these days. I find myself preoccupied with my baby, trying to start my own business, chores around the house, and working on a commission painting.

As I discovered, it’s not as easy as it seems to start a home business. Especially after moving to a new area in the city and knowing nobody within the community. Well…besides my sponsor.

So yeah, it is has been a bit frustrating. Ya know? Trying to get my name out there, and gain customers. So far…I have had 2 Open House events that flopped, and one online FB party that flopped. Which is funny, especially when people say they can’t make it to an FB party online, yet their on FB all day anyways. Lol Wow. But whatever. The challenge is getting people interested in the product I am trying to sell. I watched training videos, and these women say that the product pretty much sells itself. Not in my case. So what am I doing wrong? Is it how I present myself? I know as a mom, I’ve been kind of slacking on my physical appearance. There are days where I look like a cave woman.

I post online…and yeah. That doesn’t even work. People just stupidly stare at their screens and press the like button. So yeah, are they really registering the information I give? Or do they just see a pretty picture and like it?

Another challenge I seem to face is interaction. People don’t really interact with each other, so when you try to engage with people, a lot of the time it’s like you’re talking to a wall. Especially online.

But then again I’ve been noticing that a lot with social media. It’s not really a form of communication at all. Somethings missing. Not to mention when you communicate in text a lot of what is being said can be misunderstood because you do not see facial expressions, or body language. You are left with your imagination, and assumptions. That’s where a lot of things can go wrong.

People wonder why they run into issues among peers when they leave status’s open for anyone to interpret, rather than specifying details. I’ve had a few now ex-friends do that. They whine that they’re lonely, and bitch that people won’t hang out with them. Well, status’ like that are vague. It’s not specifying whom they want the company of, or who their so pissed off at. So if you leave it open for anyone to interpret, then yeah, you’re going to get friends a bit pissed off. Wither they are the friends the message was intended for or not. But whatever, ya know? I just think posts like that are cowardly, and stupid to begin with. Not really well thought through at that.

That’s just an example of how communication gets lost in social media. It’s gotten to a point where people don’t even direct their communication to people, it’s just open, vague, and not really interactive. Yes, it’s good to be open, but when in text I find without detail, misinterpretation  is inevitable.

As I said before I made a huge cut on my personal FB account friend list. I realized that many people were just watching. And well… I post personal things, family photos… personal business… that not everyone needs to know. Besides, it just makes more sense that I have mostly family members and people that support my family on that account friend list anyways.

Back to Scentsy. I will keep trying, no matter how hard it is to get this business up and going. Ya know? It makes me feel like I actually have a job for a change. I get a sense of pride, and accomplishment. I’m doing something ya know? I mean, if no one else in this city will hire me ( for the last 10 years), then it only makes sense to try to start a home business. I think Scentsy will give me the tools and skills I need when I try to do the same for my art. So yeah, I must keep plugging away at it, and learn as I go.

Plus, I do love the products that Scentsy provides, I am a Scentsy fan. It’s just trying to find people to share the love of Scentsy with, that isn’t already a consultant. I mean, I love the counter cleaner. I just ordered a set of 3, because there’s nothing like doing dishes ( a chore I despise) and finishing off that chore by wiping the counters down with the Scentsy cleaner and making my kitchen smell awesome after the fact. Yeah, I did that! Haha! Just makes that chore less dreadful, and more satisfying. Aww..yes. The little pleasures.

I have been working on a commission painting, it seems to be coming along nicely. It’s funny because it’s actually for a follower on Twitter. Who would have thought that sharing my art on Twitter would land me a commission paid job? I think that’s pretty cool, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I hope they like the piece when it is finished.

As for my family, and court and all this….the ex texted me last night, was all sweet at first until I said I was going for full custody. I guess he was hoping I would go for joint custody. But why would I do that?? I have been asking for joint custody from him for years, and he’s never granted it to me. Plus, if I go for full custody, he won’t be able to take off with my eldest son and eldest daughter again. So yeah. He can forget about joint custody. I don’t trust him worth shit.

Not to mention that my daughter said her father grabbed her by the hair and dragged her. Unfortunately it was my partners and I’s bickering one night that brought back that memory. But yeah, that issue is resolved. However, after hearing about that, I don’t think my ex deserves custody of our daughter and son. He denies it, but I believe my daughter. He was probably too drunk or high to even remember. She remembers though. Ya know? I believe her because he’s done the same to me, and he’s done the same to the mother of his eldest daughter. So yeah, abusive to girls and women. Verbally and psychologically abusive towards our son. He’s seriously messed with our sons mind, he’s the reason our son is at Vanier. Of coarse the ex doesn’t think so, he never takes responsibility for any of his actions. He see’s himself as a saint and everyone is out to get him. The world v.s him.

I did speak to my son’s psychologist, and he said that my son is showing early signs of schizophrenia. I’m not sure if it’s hereditary or not. The only things that I know of that are  hereditary on my side of the family is rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.  I don’t know much about my exes lineage. But from our past, I learned that the ex is a borderline schizophrenic. Wither it is hereditary or not is unknown. However, I do remember him telling me once that he was almost beaten to death with a lead pipe before he met me. That would be enough to make someone severely paranoid.

After his behavior last night, his text messages. I’m starting to think that maybe if I do get custody of our children, that I should get a restraining order, and only permit access when he properly takes care of his mental health, or have his visits supervised by C.A.S.

As I was told by the C.A.S worker, she said she would try to get us into court sooner than the date set in January regarding the custody my eldest daughter. She’s hoping to start the transition to have her live with my partner and I by Christmas. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

Anyways, lots going on in my life. Plus a cute pudgy baby that keeps me company 24/7. It’s hard to believe that she’s almost 8 months old. 4 more months and she’ll be one years old!!  Wow! Where does time go?

She’s starting to get around. She can crawl backwards, and I noticed that she’s just starting to go forward today. So yeah, daddy better put his new table saw to work and make those custom built baby gates soon. Haha!

What else? I am preparing for another Scentsy Open House. This time I made fliers and gave a copy to the library, a clinic, a daycare, and the goodwill careers centre. I have 10 invitations on me to hand out within the community. If I get more product lists in time, I’ll be able to create more invitations. I plan to have my Open House on November 24th, 7pm to 10pm. Let’s hope things turn out better this time. Trial and error. Must keep trying.

Thanks for reading! Peace and love – Pooks


“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb




Hurry! Hurry!

See anything you like? If you live in Canada, there’s still time to put your order in!
Clearly I haven’t quit Scentsy. I am still at it, and just need 3-4 more orders, and I will be able to ship the orders off! If you can help me reach the minimum host base amount ( which is $200, I believe. I am almost there!) That would be freakin awesome! 

I tried Twitter, and Facebook. Now I am reaching to you on WordPress.

Peace and love- Pooks

“When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.” – Roy T. Bennett