Point is, I  gave it a Shot

Hi  again , 

I  had a blog almost finished, but it didn’t save. Guuuh!! Starting over…

Well I was interrupted  by some Scentsy drama. I made a deal with another Scentsy Consultant to get this Origami thing that is out of stock now, but I  have a customer  that ordered it. So I  have to basically buy it from another consultant. Anyways, Tammy Dempsey  from Brampton, ON said she would mail it off the following weekend. She never did, and  I already put the e-transfer through. Anyways, weeks later she asks if I  still want it? I’m  like, of coarse I  do, I  paid for it. So yeah, it would seem that she literally tried to rip me off. I won’t be doing business with her again. She’s unreliable. Anyways, I  expressed my frustration online that she hasn’t  mailed it off yet, and she changed her mind. Saying I should think twice and all that power tripping b.s. So yeah, e-transfer  is canceled. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do business with her. Her customer service skills suck ass. Especially  if it takes weeks to deliver something small. 

But yeah. Life with Scentsy hasn’t been all that it makes itself out to be. I  put a lot of time and energy into it, and get no results. Yeah, I  had thrown another Scentsy  party that flopped. I  tried to invite my neighbors within my complex, and not a single person showed up. People don’t  want to leave thier homes. Face to face interaction is a dying form of communication. Everybody would rather interact through a screen, but I  had already mentioned the flaws with using social media as a form of communication. No point in repeating myself. 

My foster mom’s  advice? She thinks I  should  just stick with my art. Maybe she’s right. Heck my art is more successful right now than this whole time that I’ve  been a Scentsy Consultant . My commission  painting is complete and will be sold for $125. More than I get from Scentsy. I  haven’t been officially paid yet, considering I never make the host base amount required. So in order to get my customers orders to them, I  usually  have to switch the orders from a party order to an individual order under myself.

 The more I  think  about it, the more I  think  I  will be happier. I  mean, I  know I  am an artist at heart. Trying to be anything else is just silly. 

Plus, I  haven’t  had a solo exhibition yet. I’ve  always relied on the New School of Colour  and  The  Ark  to sell my work, but perhaps  it’s time to  fly solo. Actually try to make it happen, and  be a full time professional artist. 

So yeah, rather than in investing and wasting money on a home business that is getting no results. Time to invest towards what I  am really passionate about. I can just give my extra Scentsy stock to my Sponsor, and be a customer. I  feel more like a customer than a consultant anyways. 

Point is, I  gave it a  shot. And like my aunt said, the numerous failures  aren’t my fault. I honestly did try. 

So yeah, it was learning experience. I  laugh at my struggles now. Getting my feathers ruffled over people not buying this piece of  junk off me. It isn’t a  piece of  junk by the way, each warmer is hand made and painted. But, perhaps the thing we need to focus on is passion. I  was selling the wrong thing. All this time I should have been selling my art. That is my true passion. 

Like Corey Taylor once advised to a bunch of university students; Do what your good at. Not what you love. Those are 2 different things. However, I  am fortunate since what I  love is also what I’m good at.

In other aspects of my life, I finally got to see my son after so long. He cried when he seen his baby sister, and said that she is the cutest baby he’s ever seen. It warms my heart to know that he accepts  her as a sister. I  know he will be an awesome big brother to her. 

Tomorrow is the big day, meaning we go to court to request to have my eldest daughter live with my partner and I .  Fingers crossed that all goes well, especially since our home is where she wants to be. 

My baby went from crawling to pulling herself up and standing with support. Soon our Lil Miss Mischief will be walking!! Hard to believe in 4 months she will be one year old. Where does time go? 

On Friday I get to see my son again. So glad he doesn’t hate me, or think that all this is my fault. It’s not.

This evening, hopefully, my commission painting will be sold. I  meet up with  the buyer later. So yeah, overall  things are good.

My partner wants another baby, and you know me…I need to think about it. Can we afford to bring another baby into the family? My children are just starting to accept thier sister, is it too soon to bring another? Will my knees be able to last through another pregnancy? So on and so forth… I’m  holding off for the time being, but  you never know. Things do happen. One day at a time. Thanks for reading! Peace and Love – Pooks 


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