Not going back

Hi again, 

And Happy New Year!

Things with my partner have been resolved. Thank goodness. It would have been a depressing way to start off the new year.


Turns out my partner was innocent in the whole situation, all he did was say “What’s up? How’s  life.  I got a wife and kids now. How’s  life treating you.” And this ex of his in Toronto, sent him a nude pic anyways, fully aware that he isn’t available.  Some women can be soooo skanky.  So yeah, I’m  not angry at my partner, but more so at her. So yeah, she better stay the fuck away from my family. I  swear I will kick her scrawny little ass in if she even thinks she can show her face around here. 

These exes that want my partner back after finding out he’s  doing well is getting a tad bit annoying. But I am grateful that despite thier slutty behavior, my partner is in fact blowing these women off. 

Speaking of annoying… now that I  patch things up with my partner, my foster mom’s has gotta start some drama. 

I posted the following on FB regarding my partner and I, but of coarse my supposed mom has got to make it all about her…

She was all like; but what about me?? All jealous and envious how forgiving I am towards my partner and not her. 

Note, I  have been rude during this situation with my partner towards her. I apologized for my behavior lately. But yeah, she just wants to make a scene, and gets mad when you actually have a valid response to her stupid comments. However, I  could have said much worse than I did. I  could have said the difference between her and my partner is that he had never laid a hand on me. She has.  She’s in the same category as the father to my eldest children, and the ex prior to him. ABUSIVE!! 

Of course it’s going to be more difficult to forgive an abuser. Ya know? The traumatic experience out weighs any good memories. In fact, it wipes it right out!! So, if I  hardly remember any good, what does that tell you?

But here is the thing…I was willing to let shit go with her, but since we’ve reconnected she’s been nothing but an annoying emotional pity party.  Saying shit to my kids like; ” I  will probably never see you again. Your mom probably won’t let me.” Shit like that. 

I wouldn’t have let her in on my Facebook account, or in my home had I  not been willing to move on already. But clearly she isn’t. She just keeps bringing up the past, and quite honestly, it gets annoying when you are trying to focus and resolve shit in the present. 

So once again I blocked her ass off my social media. Ya know? She keeps bringing up shit that happened a long time ago. I’m  over it. I  moved on with my life. Sorry you feel guilty for being the abusive bitch that you were. Perhaps you should deal with that. I  am living in the present, not the past.  

Yes she did help us out with lots of groceries and gifts.  And we were grateful. But I’m sure she’s  just going to turn around and play a victim and say we were taking advantage of her, and we’re using her. It wouldn’t  surprise me. She’s  done the same before back when she babysat my son. Never again. Hence why I don’t ask her for fuck all. 

So in case she decides to talk shit behind our backs, voila!! Nice try. 

It’s  not my fault she feels guilty for things she’s done to me in the past. 

Something that  I  learned over the years, I  choose who I want and don’t  want in my life. I don’t  have to put up with her shit. Matter of fact, here’s  a little quote from Labrinth: 

“You have no power over me.” 

Besides all that, Happy New Year! Be safe. Drink responsably if that’s  what you choose to do. And make your 2017 awesome. See you in the New Year! 😉 Peace and love! 

 – Pooks 


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