London Ontario Buy n Sell

So yesterday I  put an ad on Facebook. We are trying to sell 4 “shih tzu” puppies.  

We are not breeders. We didn’t plan on having puppies, but shit happens. 

Anyways, I  was surprised at the amount of hate I received for posting that ad from people of London, ON.  Even over the stupidest littlest things. I was getting called a dumbass for spelling errors.  People were saying I shouldn’t even own a dog because the puppies don’t  have papers or shots. I  was even called a fascist for saying to only comment if interested in buying a puppy. It is a buy and sell page, and majority of the people that commented were grown adults that were just there to bully. Shame on you London! You disgust me. 

Seriously, if you’re not interested in the sale, keep scrolling.  That would be the logical, mature thing to do. Why the hell comment and make a huge stink over something you’re not interested in for yourself? Oh that’s  right. You got nothing better to do than be a troll. Let’s try to spoil this sale because we think she is undeserving for some fucked up reason. Or maybe these people are envious that they don’t have shih tzus to sell themselves. So they gotta rain on my parade. I don’t know.  I  just know that now I  think that the people of London are annoying, and stupid. Well done! Way to represent! There’s  a lot of Londoners that lack character.  How sad. 

People were even complaining about the price, saying  $300 is too expensive and that I was being deceitful.  Umm…Had we had a way to get these puppies to my partners mother in Oshawa, she could sell them for $800 each without papers, shots, or hassle. So yeah, for a shih tzu puppy, $300 is pretty cheap. 

But no, London doesn’t see that.  Let’s attack the native woman, I mean there were others selling pets on that page before, but there seems to be a HUGE problem when they see a native  do it. 

Because of the amount of drama my ad attracted, it was taken down off of Facebook twice. 

So here are my words to the people of London. Grow the fuck up. You act like children. Very immature. 

So what if the puppies don’t have shots or papers. Their new owners can get that done if they choose. You say take them to a vet and they should be put in good homes. What the fuck do you dumbasses think I’m trying to do?!! I  am trying to find them good homes. And papers aren’t going to be a big deal for a real person that is truly compassionate about animals.  They won’t care if it is purebred or not. 

So to all the anal people that gave me trouble yesterday….

Peace and fuckin love – Pooks 


2 thoughts on “London Ontario Buy n Sell

  1. Lots of crazy responses to your ad for sure. I don’t get it.
    300.00 per pup was a good deal with or without papers.
    Not sure why everyone felt the need to bash you or your ad.
    Hope you found good homes for the fur babies.


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