Hi again, 

Even though I was pretty shocked at the discrimination I experienced on a local Buy n Sell page, I will continue to do what I do. Share as much of myself as I can. 

Matter of fact, I  have this idea. Throughout the years I have taken photos of London, ON whenever I went for a walk. Anyways, I  have quite the collection of pictures now, it’s  what to do with them. So I  was thinking, even though I  did get treated quite poorly recently by numerous citizens in this city, I’ll create something for it anyways. Despite the cruelty they inflict, I will remain giving.  

My idea is to create a photography book. Even though I  do not consider myself a professional photographer, and do not have all the fancy equipment, I just use what I got. Which is usually my cellphone. Anyways, it might take me a bit of time to put together, and publish. Just going through the images I realized I have lots to choose from. But it will make a great book for those who are proud to be a Londoner, or a gift for those whom move away and can carry a piece of London with them wherever they go. I won’t  get into too much detail, but I  do have a title for it already in my mind. So yeah…ideas are brewing… 

Besides that, regarding court. We went back on the 12th, and it was adjourned because my band (Pikangikum) wasn’t served. It was a bit disappointing, but expected. I  was told ahead of time that when it comes to my son, things may take longer. 

I am trying to get custody, his father is trying to get custody, and CAS is trying to make our son a crown ward for 6 months, and after those 6 months we’ll just have to go back to court again. 

A friend told me that if my son is made a crown ward of CAS, then I  won’t  have any contact with him until he is 21. That gave me quite the scare. And it’s  making me wonder if I  should be as cooperative as I have been. Am I just making it easier for them to take him away for good? 

My sister said that it’s  a race now. To contact Pikangikum before CAS so that that doesn’t happen. 

However, my daughter was in a foster home for 6 months and I managed to get her back by cooperating with CAS. So if it comes down to it, I  can do the same for my son. 

The next court date is April 20th, and hopefully by then Pikangikum is served and we can see what direction things go. 

I already plan to have as much support for my son as possible if I  am granted custody. The plan is regular meetings with CAS, Vanier, and teachers (when my son makes that transition from Vanier to back to school). I hope Vanier can teach myself and whomever his teacher will be when the time comes, how to help him with his anxiety.  

But yeah…wait until April 20th, and things will start to unfold. 

Anyways, my eldest daughter got an A on her book report! That makes me so happy. Happy because even though she wanted me to write her teacher a late note for forgetting her paper bag in her desk, I  didn’t let it slide. I made sure she did her book report last weekend, I even made her a bag myself. ( Thanks to Scentsy, I know how to make my own envelopes and gift bags. Plus the origami discussions I’ve had in the past with the current facilitator of the New School of Colour. Lol) So all she had to do was decorate the exterior of the bag, and find 3 objects that represent the book she chose inside.  She did have trouble reading, so I read it out loud as long as she agreed to pay attention. She did. And look! She passed with flying colours! I’m so proud!

My baby is starting to slowly make the transition from formula to homogenized milk. 

I read a chapter a day to her out loud from the book The Chronicles of Narnia. So she is starting to pick up not exactly words, but figuring out different sounds to make vocally. Even though she speaks baby babble, she babbles a lot and has a lot to say. Lol. She even is starting to use her hands when she talks, it’s cute. 

She’s not walking yet, but soon she will be. For now, she crawls around mostly, and gets into everything. She can crawl pretty fast when she wants to. And when she crawls, she wiggles her butt. Lol

Ummm…art…I did one painting and tried to sell it for $200. But since I got the bills I needed to take care of, perhaps I can now bring the price down. It’s a bit different than my other pieces because it’s textured. 

I took an old painting I left lying around for years, and revamped it! I’m much happier with it now. 

I haven’t started on anything for the Twitter Art Exhibit, but I  really should get on that a.s.a.p. I  love participating and donating my art for a cause. 

One day I  may move from London, or be on the outskirts.  My partner talks a lot about moving, and  living a bit more simple.  So there could possibly be no Internet either, so that would be the end of this blog. 

That may be in a few years, still got some debts to pay off before we can do that. And I’m not leaving without my son. Plus I  would need to get my drivers license, so that I’m not constantly depending on my partner. It drives me nuts to be financially dependant on him, but at least I’m trying to find ways to make my own income. 

Still here in the meantime… peace and love – Pooks 


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