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Hi again, 

First off, I will inform you that I  finally got a “donate” button placed on my blogs side bar. That is visible on a computer, on a mobile device…you might have to scroll down to find it. 

If you like what you read here, if you enjoyed my post, feel free to donate to keep it going. Donations will cover the Internet bill. Plus it would be nice to be paid for what I love to do, and that is share my life story with you. 

The whole reason I moved my blog from Pooks Online Blog, to Pooks82 The Vault was so that I could try to make an income off what I do. It took me ages to figure out, but I  did it! To your left, if you’re on a computer, is my donate button! Yaaay! 

Moving on… Lol 

I am very tired. But I  am still making an effort to post something. 

Things have been tough without receiving the baby bonus for awhile. Since I got custody of my eldest daughter, we stopped receiving it…just to find out that they needed my partner to change his marital status. Getting him to do things sometimes is like pulling teeth. So I filled out the form, and all he had to was sign it. Anyways, I  mailed that off Friday, so maybe in a month we’ll start getting baby bonus again. Until then, we gotta find other ways to make up for the loose ends, financially speaking. 

Ummm…I did go to the New School of Colour with my daughters.  It didn’t go as I imagined it would. My eldest daughter was moody and rude to the facilitator.  He told her that with an attitude like that, she’s not going to enjoy the evening. And she didn’t.  That was embarrassing, especially since it’s because of the New School of Colour and The Ark Aid Street Mission that I am known as Pooks to begin with. I apologized on her behalf afterwards. But yeah, a negative attitude just spoils things period. That, and a teething, screaming baby. So needless to say that I didn’t really enjoy myself this time around. And maybe I am better off doing art at home while my eldest daughter is at school, and my baby is napping. I honestly thought my eldest daughter would enjoy going and creating art, but I  guess she just wants to be at home watching Youtubers play video games, or play with her friends.  She was tired, and cranky. And I  do apologize to the New School of Colour and The Ark for her behavior.  If she was rude, I’m sorry. 

Most of time she isn’t like that. She is a delightful funny child. However, we still have to teach her how to behave in public, and my partner has been trying to teach her some responsibility, such as cleaning up after herself.  So yeah, she’s still learning. 

However it was nice to run into the Executive Director of the Ark, his wife, and a regular volunteer at the Ark. They told me the New School of Colour got a grant, and are working on something about collaborating amateur artists with established artists. The Executive Director said he doesn’t quite know where I  fit. Established? Lol  I  don’t know. But thanks for the flattery. 

I saw my son on Friday, and he kicked my butt at both Chess and Checkers.  Lol Smart kid. I  even met one of his teachers at Vanier, and she said that he is getting better at reading. That makes me so happy, because now, the possibilities are endless. You know how to read, you can pick up a book and teach yourself anything.

Not at this visit, but the one prior. My son was saying that he wants his Indian Status. That way he can go to college or University.  This blew me away. Lol Completely different from the time just before he stopped visiting. He wanted to be like his Dad, and do nothing. But now look at him, he’s starting to have goals in life. Beginning to believe in himself. However, the teacher did say that he still does the whole “I can’t ” thing, but not as much. So his confidence and self esteem is improving. Thank you Vanier. Kinda got teary eyed there for a moment. But yeah, it’s a positive change that I  am so happy to see. 

That reminds me, I got invited to one of the progress  meetings with Vanier, my son, and CAS. It won’t be until March, but I  see it as a good sign that they want my involvement.  It’s another step closer in the right direction. 

Oh! My eldest daughter got a job! She starts on the 16th. She will be delivering papers for Starmail.  Another thing that will teach and encourage responsibility.  Plus she might gain a sense of accomplishment to be proud of from it. It makes me proud. I  know it’ll give her ahead start when it comes to jobs and whatnot. So yaaay and congrats to her! 

I  will have to open up a bank account for her so that she can get paid. 

As I said before, my baby is teething. I  get nipped at on a daily basis. I kinda feel like I  have a little piranha swimming around me at times. Haha! But yeah, overall, she seems to be handling it rather well. 

The puppies were sold. Thank god! We sold 2 here in London, and the other 2 were sold by my partners mother. So glad she helped out. The amount of drama I was going through over puppies here in London is ridiculous.  Some people thought they were being so righteous, thinking that by preventing people to buy the puppies would “save” them. That doesn’t make any fuckin sense. If you got a problem that the puppies were in my care, wouldn’t you encourage a sale and finding them a home, rather than trying to prevent that from fuckin  happening? Ugggh!!! STUPID!! Whatever, I  guess you can’t expect everyone to have a functioning brain. 

But yeah, so grateful that my partners mom jumped in. And I  am grateful 2 puppies are at thier new homes and are settling in nicely.  Thanks to the people who bought a puppy, despite the drama, and for loving their new puppy, and welcoming them into thier homes. The other 2 puppies will be picked up either next week or the week after by my partners mother, and she will get them to thier new owners in Oshawa

Anyways, got a crowd of kids here. Gotta go! Thanks for reading.  And to anyone that donates to my blog, Miigwech! 

Peace and love- Pooks 


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