5th Anniversary! 

Hi again!

Since today is my 5 year anniversary as a WordPress blogger, let’s blog! Haha!

Anyways, quite a bit has happened in a week. Such as my partners family members coming down to visit us on Saturday. They brought gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter. Lol That was nice. Miigwech! They came to pick up the last 2 puppies. One of them remains in the family. The pure white one. My eldest daughter called her Snowflake, but her name might be changed to Beanie now.

Anyways, thier visit was short. They stayed for an hour or so, then went to go visit my partners sister and her family.

I was surprised that my partners mom asked me about Scentsy, but yeah…My personal Scentsy site is down, and I’m not going to cough up more money to keep it running. Like I  said, I  spent more money on Scentsy stuff, than I actually earned. So yeah. No point on going broke for a job that doesn’t really gauruntee an income. So I am no longer a Scentsy Consultant . At least I tried. I can now be set free to do whatever my creative heart and mind desires.

Lately I’ve  been working on my photography book and believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s  taking a lot of work and effort. But I’m sure when it’s complete, it will have been worth the time.

My daughter started her first job last week. I  walked her paper route with her, and guided her along. She did so well.

Soon we will have to do that again, because  there has been more fliers delivered on our front step. So yeah, my eldest daughter will be downstairs sorting those out tonight, and getting them ready to hand out tomorrow.  

I  opened a bank account for both my daughter’s last week at TD Bank.  I  was surprised how quick that was, I  was expecting it to take much longer. 

I didn’t make it down to the New School  of  Colour  last week, we had a CAS visit scheduled, but then I  got a call that she cancelled the visit. But yeah, we might make it back this week.

My visit with my son was good. However he seemed a bit distant this time around…it took a while for him to be open. It was like he wasn’t in the best of moods at first.  I don’t know.  I  told him I was invited to the next progress meeting in March, and his response was; ” Whatever, those workers are stupid.” 

I’m not sure what’s going on, but his court date is coming up in April. So I  told him he won’t be staying there much longer. He thinks he’s  just going to another foster home. It’s  hard to say for sure with the 4 options available for the judge. But yeah, I can only hope for the best.  

What else? I am worried about my partner. He is working in a lot of pain lately. He says his shoulder, and neck constantly hurt.  I think it might be because of an old injury.  He did say he broke his collar bone years ago. Maybe all this heavy lifting shifted something. Which is another thing… His boss pushes him too hard. He is being over worked. For a while there he was doing 3 separate job positions, and now he’s down to 2. Still, he only gets paid for one, and technically a Site Supervisor should be getting paid more than a laborer , but my partner gets paid what a laborer gets even though his job title is a Site Supervisor. Not only should he be getting paid the proper amount that a Site Supervisor gets, but any labor work he does should be extra income . But that’s besides the point. It’s obvious that his boss takes advantage of him. That money goes to the bosses trips to Ireland and Florida. EEERRR!! Moving on! To continue to make a worker work like he’s  some kind of Incredible Hulk when injured is absolute madness! I  keep telling my partner that he needs to see a doctor, but he doesn’t.  Ya know? I just don’t want the same to happen to him as what happened to a friend. He got injured at work, didn’t get it taken care of right away. Waited a year…and now he’s  in pain every single day. Anyways…yeah. I  hope he sees a doctor soon. I  worry. 

I got a call from my exes mother, and she does think there is some kind of mental condition that runs in her family. She said one of her grand daughters have ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). I never heard of that before. But she said my sons tantrums (when he attended school) sounded similar to her other grand child. Problems with authority. Temperamental..So yeah, maybe it’s not schizophrenia.  Maybe it could be something else… 

My partner made a joke saying that that sounds like me. There’s a difference.  I choose to be defiant and rebellious.  As an artist, I  believe that is a part of my duty. I am to show the world things that they are trained to ignore through my art and my writing. Wither it be what I  see, or through personal experience. I am to create and share as much as I possibly can. 

Anyways, that new bit of family information may come in handy in the future.  We shall see. 

For Family Day, we went out on Sunday to go bowling at Bowlerama Royale.  It was hosted by Lisa from N’Amerind. So I  would like to thank them for hosting the event, and providing all the families (registered for the event or not) with breakfast. Thank you! My family had lots of fun. And my partner kicked my ass in both games…after I said that he and my eldest daughter were going down…Yeah,my ass got served. Lmao! 😂 In one game he beat me by 14 points, in the other, just by 2. I WAS SOOOO CLOSE!!! Lol

After we went to a local coffee shop, Locomotive Espresso.  That’s a cute little place. My eldest daughter loved how they created art on her beverage.  There was a heart within the frothy foam of her hot chocolate.  

From there we decided to go for a nature walk to  enjoy the weather. Ya know? It’s  February, but it feels like spring. There was a lot of people on the trails that day. Looks like they had the same idea! 🖒

My baby has been making amazing progress. Matter of fact when we went to Vanier to visit my son, a worker at Vanier said that he thinks my baby daughter may be advanced for her age, just like my son. Right on. She’s starting to take more steps, and she is starting to climb on EVERYTHING! Maybe she will be her Daddy’s rock climbing side kick one day. Lol She keeps me on my toes. Hence, why I blog when she’s asleep.

It’s my 5 year anniversary with WordPress.  It’s amazing how much time flies…and so much has changed…It’s been quite the journey to say the least.  It’s not over yet though. 😉 

Anyways, if you liked what you read here today, please leave a donation.  Keep me doing what I  do best!  Peace and love – Pooks 


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