Final Notice

I don’t think people are taking me seriously when I  say I need your donations to keep this going. I mean my internet is on the brink of being disconnected.  

I thought I  had loyal readers, that would understand. But I  guess not. 

We don’t get baby bonus, therefore our family struggles like fuck because it’s all on my man’s shoulders. I  am trying to help him by turning this passion of writing into a job. But I need my readers to donate, not just sit there like retards pressing the like button. 

Yes, I  am disappointed in you! You, the one reading this. The nosey fuck that has been following my journey, but when it comes down to times where I need your help to keep this going, you can’t donate a dime!! Youre nowhere to be fuckin seen. 

That just shows me how much you value me and my work. You don’t.Just like everyone else in this twisted society, you think the only job I should have is voluntarily.  A job where I don’t get any income. Why? What makes you more special than I? 

  We’re not going to be getting baby bonus until I start paying my student loan of $7000 off. I don’t have a job. I was hoping to turn this into it. With baby bonus I would cover hydro and Internet.  Well, now those bills are piling. AND I  can’t put any money into my account without it disappearing towards N.S.F fees. Which is now over $200. 

I already mentioned that my partner and I  combined are $10,200 in debt. But since his debt to E.I doesn’t qualify for any financial aid from any debt consultant …we’re under the amount eligible to get assistance.  

Do you have any idea how stressful and frustrating this is not being able to help my partner with this?? Even though I  am trying my damn best, society just keeps slamming the door in my face.  

I  need your help!! 

If I could access the Internet on my lap top, I would be able to make it super simple for you by adding my donate button to this blog post so that it’s right in front of your stupid face. But the Internet won’t connect through my lap top, only my mobile phone. So you will just have to make an effort to find my PayPal Donate button on my WordPress site. Sorry for you lazy people that prefer everything be served to you.

I know.  Why would you want to donate after I have been so rude to you? Well I  am stressed. I am frustrated. I am disappointed in the regulars that snoop on my blog posts and can’t even donate. If you were in my position, you would be pissed as well. And Your faith in humanity will take a serious nose dive. 

If you actually give a fuck.  Please donate. 

The Debt

NSLC- $7000

Money Mart – $1500

E.I- $1700

Our Bills

N.S.F fees-  $285.66

Wyse  (water) – $500.00

Hydro- $391.o3

Internet- $58.82

Rent- $1300

It drives me nuts that my partner has control of all the finances right now. So I don’t know exactly where all the money is going. He said he was buying tools off his boss, investing in the future. But yeah, it sucks not being able to stick to my end of the deal. I’m to pay for the hydro and Internet.  

I know some smart asses will say “then get a job!” I have an 11 month old to take care of, and we certainly can’t afford a babysitter or daycare at this point. So any job that I could possibly do, has to be from home! 

Excuse me for thinking I could turn a passion into employment.  That was stupid of me. Stupid native. What the fuck were you thinking? Right? 

Whatever. It feels hopeless. If you help you help.  If you don’t, I  quit blogging and make that transition from blogger to author.  No more free for alls. 

Fuck I hate people. 

– Pooks


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