Begin to Climb

2 weeks after we left…

Things are slowly getting lined up. I applied for housing. I’m just missing my birth certificate and my baby daughters.  That’s okay, we figured out a way to get them replaced. It might take awhile to receive them, but at least they’ll be replaced. 

The joys of starting over…

Just thinking about all the things I left behind. A collection of stuff that friends gave me over the years. Yup, all left behind at my now ex-partners. 

At least I know better now to walk away, thanks to my experience with a prior ex. I mean, if someone is going to accuse you of cheating, don’t waste your time trying to prove them otherwise. People are going to believe what they believe, and if they don’t believe you, don’t waste your time trying to change thier opinion. That will just lead to a road of pain that isn’t worth the time and effort. Someone that truly loves you, wouldn’t doubt you and would trust you. So yeah, don’t even bother with that shit. Walk away. 

I just feel like that needs to be said. But yeah, on with my day. 

Got a busy week ahead. Appointments, and whatnot. 

I may be temporarily homeless, but I believe we’ll get a home soon enough. We (my daughters and I) just need to be patient. Things will be fine, just give it time. 

In the meantime, just get everything I need to get done, done. 

Anyways, on with my day. Thanks for reading. Peace and love- Pooks 


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