Behind Bars

So Derek Wuytenburg called the police & is trying to have me arrested 4 assault. The police are on thier way to pick me up…

Released.  But got 2 appear to court on August 17.
Derek is officially NFG ( No fuckin good) in my books. Yup. Throw your pregnant baby mama in jail. Threaten to put your step daughter in foster care.
Thanks for showing how much you really care. Not you.  But my douche of an ex.
Everyone that meets my eldest daughter adores her. They say she’s a good kid. But my current ex? No no no…he treated her like crap. He just sees her as my exes daughter. 
Sorry…not thinking out loud, But tweeting out loud. It’s just…UGHHH!! I  got a lot on my plate as is!!
Sorry, but if you were in my shoes. You’d be pissed too. Like I’m 34 yrs old. I’ve had enough of this bs.
These immature men can just fuck off and go away. Let me raise my damn kids. Don’t act like u suddenly want 2 be involved when u weren’t!!
Those were tweets, but I moved them here to The Vault. 

I’m just so tired of this drama caused by stupid immature men. But I am stupid for trusting and being with (or choosing) these types that turn out to be major douche bags. Yup.  I know how to pick them, and I am so done. 

Like seriously, what kind of dad and partner does this?? Has thier pregnant baby mama thrown in jail, and charged. Threatens to put my daughter (his step child) in foster care. I’ll tell you what kind, the kind that never gave a damn about us in the first place. 

I kinda want to apologize to his ex for the things I’ve said to her. But if he did the same to her, got drunk, instigated shit like he’s trying to start something and get hurt so he can charge us with assault. He plays the victim but he really isn’t.  He’s an instigator and a predator, and I’d advise women to stay the fuck away from that one. 

I highly doubt he mentioned to the police that he is guilty of forced confinement, and threats to harm me. 

Heck! I bet he didn’t even mention that he was intoxicated, and seriously thought he could take our baby daughter in his truck and drink and drive. Like I’d let him put our daughter in danger like that. Geez! My son was right when he called him an idiot. I should have listened to my eldest children about him. 

So yeah, I was arrested last night for assault. And I was in a cell until midnight. I got to speak to a lawyer, and she advised me to remain silent. So I did. And I was taken back to the shelter afterward. 

The whole time I cried, thinking about my daughter’s at the shelter, whom were left in the care of another woman at the shelter. 

My family is already going through so much, and he’s just adding more to it. He seriously doesn’t give a shit.

I just keep thinking; wow. Did I ever really fuck up getting with him. He’s just another selfish jackass on a mission to ruin my life. Like I’m not going through enough as is. So yeah, he’s a goof in my mind. I hope his family disowns that loser when the truth shines through. Heck, if I were them, and I found out what he did to his baby mama, I wouldn’t say I was related. He’s a disgrace to thier name. 

But whatever. That’s just my opinion. I’m angry. And right as of this moment, I fuckin hate him.

Considering the amount of stress I’ve been under lately, I’m surprised I haven’t miscarried. Geez! None of this can be good for the baby in my womb. But not like he cares. Like I said, he only cares about himself, and he’s just trying to cover his own ass. 

Heck, he waited two weeks to charge me with this shit. Waiting til he’s sober and looks sober eh? Wow.

Anyways, part of the conditions I was given was to stay away from Derek and his home. Which is fine. I don’t want to even look at that ugly ass scum bag. He’s so skinny, he looks like he’s a freakin crackhead. For all I know he probably is. And even though he accuses me of cheating, he’s probably the one that is guilty of it. He’s pegging his own insecurities on me. 

However, I  can go to the address to pick up my things with a police escort. So at least I can get some of my things back. 

I’ve gone through so many emotions lately. I’m angry, sad, I feel betrayed. I am just in complete shock and disbelief that he’s sinking to the lowest of lows of levels. I’m disappointed in myself for making such a poor choice in a partner again. 

I don’t think I’ll ever give another man a chance. That’s it. I can’t do this anymore. Dealing with this immature shit. I’m getting to old for this bullshit. Ya know? Fuck off! You want to create your own drama, do it elsewhere. I got children to raise. 

Go “live” all you want! I’m not stopping you, and personally I don’t give a fuck anymore. 

Anyways, there’s so much going on, I wish I could scream from the top of my lungs.

I’ll get through this somehow. So far, thanks to all the people and organizations for thier support during these tough times. 

Peace and love – Pooks 


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