Just to let you readers know, this is where the continuation of Pooks Online Blog will take place. The difference? Notice the donation link in the side bar? (I tried to create a donation button, but that didn’t work out. So for now, the link will do). But yeah, that’s there for donations so that I can continue my passions of art and writing, it’s also so that I can help my partner keep things afloat financially. Not to mention, make it so that we have an internet connection to keep me connected to all you fabulous peeps. So if enjoyed reading about my journey throughout my first blog, & want to see more…donate. If you’re a fan of my art, donate. And I will do my best to share all that I can, and all that I am with you. My family, and I included, will be ever so grateful for your donations, because quite honestly things are about to get tight financially, and this is my way of pitching in. Ya know? Not only do what you love, but do what you’re good at. In my case, that’s art and writing. Not many part-time jobs out there for that kinda thing, so yeah, make my own job. Turn this into my job. With your help, it’ll work. -Pooks



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