Meet me Here

I can incorporate the linear perspective into my work if I wanted to. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, it’s if I feel like doing it.

Anyways, today I used it for my latest sketch in my idea journal. The title of the drawing is; Meet me Here.


Peace and love! – Pooks


That Bugs Me

That’s tonight’s pencil drawing. It started out as just simple shapes, and as more and more shapes connected…I drew a bug. Lol Enjoy!

Peace and love! – Pooks


That was interesting…

Emotions amplify thoughts right? And thoughts are vibrations we cannot see but choose and select.

Yeah. Anyways…moments after I posted my rant and frustration in my previous blog post, I got a call from someone I was trying to reach a week ago. I didn’t get through and left a message. I called again today and left another message…He called back. I passed the phone to my friend in need, and now there’s plans to begin the physical moving of his belongings for Monday.


I don’t know. It was like magic. Emotions can be used to amplify vibrations in the result of something positive. I mean, my intentions were good. I just wanted to help find help. And poof!

Thank you Chuck! He’s the guy that moved me out of the shelter in 2017. You rock!

Now I can relax. And hopefully my eldest daughters father can too. We found someone.

I am grateful I am resourceful. And that I contacted Atlohsa.

I don’t think it’s coincidental right after my last blog post. The energy I transfered into that… It’s like sometimes you need to rattle the waves a bit. Where emotions can be used as a tool to attract what it is that you are seeking.

Peace and love – Pooks

This is getting discouraging

Sigh…why is it so difficult to find someone that can drive a Uhaul truck for someone that doesn’t have thier license?

U haul closes at 7pm…time is short. And it will be ANOTHER day that my friend hasn’t been able to move. It just keeps getting dragged on for weeks, because NO ONE will volunteer to freaking drive!!! Ugh. Excuse the frustration. But ughhh!!!

All this damn virtue signaling about volunteering and being kind. Ugh. But when asked to volunteer for someone in need, everyone just sits on their asses staring at thier social media all day.

Monday is not a good day. I get it. But it’s the weekend. Surely someone has a drivers license and time to spare to drive a truck.


Sometimes I hate this city

It’s just very discouraging. Watching my friend. Who should have been moved on the 7th, but can’t. And yeah, I don’t want to see him lose his belongings all because we couldn’t find a driver.

I have been trying to reach out on his behalf over and over and over…

We had a couple people volunteer to do it, but then they’d back out.

It’s not only that. But I am also paying for the Uhaul. I lent my friend the money. He’s got the cheque he was waiting for, so he can pay me back.

I just don’t get why people won’t help.

London makes itself out to be this great community that helps each other.

And what I see and hear is…


I can’t be the only person nice enough to actually try to help him. If I had a drivers license, I’d probably drive too. But that I do not have. I’ve never gotten my drivers license.

London, Ontario has approximately 366,151 people. And you’re telling me that there isn’t a person within that population that has spare time, and a drivers license to drive a truck? Bullshit.

I am so sick of this, every man fend for themselves nonsense. That is not how a community operates. You support each other. So why am I the only one trying to help this person in need?

Think about it.

Peace and love! – Pooks

Fluorosilicic Acid = Toxic Waste

Since the whole talk about fluoride at the City Council was a flop, and sheep mock and laugh at those opposing fluoridation. Laugh and mock yourselves for supporting to injest toxic waste. Enjoy your cancer.

5 years ago blogger, discerningkate from Australia, wrote the following…


Peace and love – Pooks


I love when my eldest daughter leaves me little notes in unexpected places. For example, in some baby powder on the floor. Lol

Photography by Pooks


Peace and love! – Pooks